4 Benefits of Building a Company YouTube Library

May 13, 2022 Desiree Homer

Event planners in New York are always looking for new ways to land new clients. And there are several industry experts out there recommending social media to be the pillar of any marketing strategy. Social media is the primary vehicle for engagement these days. With more people leveraging the many social channels for personal promotion, brand engagement, and also to browse, shop and make purchasing decisions. 

So, how can you, as an event planner, be tapping into this steady highway of potential customers? YouTube libraries could be the social piece of the puzzle your marketing has been missing. Here are some of the incredible benefits building a YouTube library can have on your event planning business, along with suggestions for how to use it to your advantage and increase your client engagement. With two billion global users and 30 million visits daily, YouTube is a channel you can’t afford to not be using. 

The YouTube Library Can Be Your Trophy Room

Whether you specialize in social events, like weddings or bar mitzvahs, or focus more on corporate events, including conferences or company holiday parties, your event planning business is all about creating memorable experiences. The best way to capture that magic is with imagery and video. With each new event you see through to completion, compile a library of client-approved footage that you can use in your marketing campaigns. With a little editing, you can share those sights and sounds of an event and publish the content on your company YouTube channel. Over time, you can develop a library of digital assets to serve as your trophy room of success stories to share with prospective clients.

YouTube Teaser Videos for Your Next Event

Event planners in New York know that creating an attractive expectation for an upcoming event is key to getting more attendees to respond. Developing a series of short teaser videos for your upcoming event can be a great way to promote and inspire more interest. While living in your company YouTube library, these short videos can be cross-posted with other social channels for ongoing engagement. Teaser videos typically only last a few minutes and enthusiastically capture an entire event’s theme or idea, maybe with an itinerary rundown or list of amenities guests can expect at the big event.

Featuring First-Hand Guest Experiences

Another great benefit of creating a YouTube library of assets for your event planning business is having an arsenal of video testimonials at your fingertips to help land new clients. With exciting footage of guests enjoying an event and the video testimonial from your client, you can present samples of the experiences you can create. Potential new clients won’t just have to take your word when there is video proof of how great of an event you can plan from past clients.

Showcasing Celebrity or Speaking Guest Appearances

As the owner or leader of an event planning business in New York, you might have access to high-profile guest speakers, celebrities, or local performers. If your network includes these well-known and well-respected figures, be sure to develop videos of them performing or speaking at your planned events. You can essentially build a YouTube library of videos demonstrating your ability to connect and invite incredible star power to the events you help organize. Of course, you’ll need their permission to include them in your marketing. But with an asset library showcasing who you’ve worked with in the past, you’ll be able to attract new event clients who want to work with someone who’s well-connected in the New York scene.

Consider building a YouTube library of video assets for use in your event planning marketing strategy. Connect with EMRG Media for a consult to help! And if you need more marketing ideas, attend the Event Planner Expo 2022 this October and network with some of the event industry’s top event leaders for inspiration! Get your tickets now and discover other incredible ways to grow your business this year!

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