How to Deliver a VIP Experience

April 5, 2022 Susan Serena

VIPs are often treated very well by experienced event planners who set a high standard for their service. Fortunately, this is prevalent. Getting creative in how to impress and manage VIPs is possible and does not need to be expensive.

Want to learn how to stay within your budget and impress your VIPs? Check out the ideas below to learn how to deliver a VIP experience for your next event.

8 ways to Deliver a VIP Experience

We've got ideas for every step of your event timeline, from check-in to follow-up, to impress VIPs.

1. Providing concierge services to VIPs.

There are a lot of options for VIP concierge services at events. The possibilities for offering VIPs extra goodies before opening day are truly endless. From hand delivering additional event goodies before opening day to hiring out tennis courts after the event, the possibilities are limitless.

2. Provide complimentary on-site storage for personal items.

To monitor things and check in belongings, you might need to hire additional event staff. This tip makes the entire VIP experience more comfortable and convenient when you have enough space and tools (such as a door lock, tickets with tear-away stubs, and hangers) to do so.

3. Deliver a VIP Experience with spa services.

There are plenty of mobile spa services that will come to you whenever and wherever you direct them (like this one). You can also contact a particular local salon or brand about a partnership if that matches your interests. Local events are best suited to this option since guests who enjoyed the services are more likely to keep coming back after the event is over.

4. Distribute portable chargers.

Consider a customizable power bank as a simple giveaway item with your event branding printed on them. You can also hand out one of these best (and branded) portable chargers to your VIP guests if you'd like to offer something a little more uncommon.

5. Make use of nap pods.

With their in-office sleep pods, Google and NASA already promote power napping. So why not give your VIPs the same luxury? If rental costs are cutting into your budget, you might want to try providing a specific quiet room with floor mats, dimmed lighting, and essential oils.

6. Include vouchers for massages or facials in the goodie bags. offers spa gift cards in bulk if you wish to include one as a take-home gift. Give them each a luxury face or body product instead if you have an especially large guest list.

7. Organize an event exclusively for VIPs. 

In addition to networking dinners and private meetings with event speakers, you may want to host cocktail hours after the event to provide your guests with an extra level of service.

8. Create a social media networking group for them.

Create a private, invite-only group on LinkedIn or another social media platform your audience already uses. Engage your audience in meaningful conversations and provide industry-related content, such as eBooks on hot topics along with live streams with industry influencers.

Add even more VIP treatment to your next event!

Engage your guests before or after an event by going live on social media or with a pre or post virtual event.

Watch our upcoming blog posts for more ideas on managing VIP or celebrity events. Incorporate some of these tips as well if networking is one of your VIPs' most sought-after features.

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