5 Corporate Event Themes Guests Will Be Pumped to See

April 26, 2022 Desiree Homer

As an event manager, you’re often faced with the challenge of coming up with some great corporate event themes for your company. And sometimes, you might feel fresh out of ideas, in need of some inspiration. Whether it’s a company holiday party or a more formal get-together, themes can be the best tools for guests to feel comfortable, enjoy themselves, and make the most of the event experience. Here are some corporate event themes that guests can get pumped about, and you will be applauded for yet another spectacular event planned.

Casino Night

Plan an event that makes employees and attending guests feel like they’re in the heart of the Las Vegas strip! Casino Nights are great corporate event themes because there is so much flexibility in how you layout, design, and style them, too. Bring in craps tables and decorate with poker chips and dice. And these themed events can work as casual or more formal experiences. For those corporate events where door prizes, contests, and drawings are encouraged, the Casino Night theme provides a great environment for everyone to be a winner!

Mardi Gras

No matter where you’re from, everyone loves a good Mardi Gras get-together. Mardi Gras-themed corporate events make any routine meeting more fun and transform holiday parties into full-blown masked and beaded gala affairs. Think feather boas, beads galore, and vibrant colors. Everyone gets a stunning mask along with their name tag, too!

Flashback to the 80s

From side ponytails to giant shoulder pads, the 1980s were iconic in fashion. But the 80s can also be a great corporate event theme when you think of just how awesome the music, the trends, and the culture were back then. Imagine incorporating an 80s trivia into your event or bringing in a legendary 80s performer as entertainment. And guests dressed in scrunchie socks and oversized sweaters can have way more fun than a venue full of business suits.

The Country Hoedown

Think hay bales and selfie stations featuring American Gothic. Serve southern sweet tea and throw some rolls. Encourage corporate event guests to come wearing their favorite suspenders, bib overalls, and cowboy boots. The Country Hoedown theme could be a great way to get people out of their chairs for a little line dancing, too! Maybe even bring in a mechanical bull and let everyone try their hand at some rodeo action!

Night at the Oscars

Roll out the official red carpet for your corporate event guests and show them what a Hollywood A-List good time is all about! Imagine Oscars as centerpieces and a formal stage for presentations or company award announcements. These can be more formal affairs with black tie invites and top-shelf cocktails. When companies gather together, let them pretend they’re larger-than-life celebrities worthy of an impressive gala to celebrate their work.

Are your creative juices flowing yet? Sure, not all of these will be suitable for all corporate events. But there are some you might find to be perfect for the next big company gathering on your schedule. If you’re still overwhelmed, you can always connect with the EMRG Media team to handle all the corporate event planning for you! Contact us today!

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