How to Design a Winning Event Planning Business Proposal

April 5, 2022 Susan Serena

Professional event planners take on a variety of responsibilities and wear many hats according to the specifics of each event. Events Profs need to possess a variety of skills and qualities -- one minute you will need to be a multitasking wizard, the next you'll need to be a creative genius. Another requirement is to be an expert at solving problems easily and efficiently. 

You can provide a comprehensive overview of the services you will provide for your event by writing an event planning business proposal. This is your company brochure, your marketing message, and everything else you need to promote your event. Think of it as your sales pitch. Your event business proposal should outline the experience and skills that make you an expert to your niche of the event planning market. By detailing your uniqueness, it will set you apart from others, and potential clients will begin to trust you over other event professionals.

A business proposal for event planning should be well written, contain an explanation of the services being proposed (and those that won't be offered), and illustrate how it will be accomplished, with sufficient details so that the client fully understands your proposition.

Do you find it intimidating to create a business proposal for your event planning business? Perhaps you have no idea how to create a strong proposal, but you know you need one.

Event planning business proposals are essential for those who run their own agency, especially if you specialize in corporate events. You may have more success if you know how to make business proposals that win.

Event Planning Business Proposals: 5 Things You Must Include

Drawing up a solid event planning business proposal is a crucial part of event planning and may be just as crucial to your business growth as marketing your business and securing clients.

  1. Introductory statement: Give a brief description of your event planning company. Describe any professional business experience you have acquired, your industry experience, and any relevant certifications you have obtained. What is your niche? Describe it.
  2. Event description: Briefly describe the event and the details you discussed during the initial consultation with the client. Several factors must be considered, such as the purpose of the event, tentative date(s), the venue, etc.
  3. Services to be provided in the Planning of an Event: Make sure you're very detailed in this section and carefully list all the services you'll be offering throughout the course of the event. You might want to include bullet points or subheadings in this section so that clients are easily able to see the full spectrum of your services. Indicate which vendors you will use and which services you will offer. Don’t forget to include any additional fees that may apply. In other words, be as detailed as possible. The client should fully understand what is involved in this section as well as what is not.
  4. Samples of Your Work: This is your opportunity to show the client that you have planned a similar event to the one they are considering hiring you for and demonstrate your expertise. You can provide video clips, photos, links, etc. to give them a clear picture of your abilities.
  5. Estimated costs: Clearly explain event costs in their entirety. There are a number of responsibilities involved in planning and executing an event and not always does the client know of every nook & cranny. Providing them with a step-by-step outline will guide your client throughout the expense process while helping them visualize the event from beginning to end.


The Follow-Up Process

When you send the client your event planning business proposal, let them know it is on its way. Make sure you follow up in a few days to see if they have any questions. Be in constant communication with them. Give them your full attention. You will be able to close the deal professionally because following these tactics will work as an indicator of how you do business.

If you need help with the growth of your event planning business, please feel free to reach out to us for a consult! Join the top event leaders in the industry at the Event Planner Expo 2022!

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