Here Is How To Utilize Popups In Your Marketing Strategy

June 18, 2022 Mario Stewart

While popups may have an infamous reputation on the internet, they can be a useful tool for both businesses and consumers. It is all about the quantity and quality of the popups and making sure that they are not too distracting. When designing popups, it is also important to keep in mind that they should be offering value to your audience. They should be clear, simple, and engaging. Popups are a great way to gain more clients and increase sales. There are several companies out there that make designing popups easy, such as Sleaknote. Let’s dive into how to utilize popups in your marketing strategies. 

Using Popups to Gain Leads

Popups are a great way to make a solid email list. Most popups include forms for your viewers to put in their information. Offering your viewers an incentive such as a newsletter or free booklet is a great way to receive contact information. It is important to note that many popups include 1 or 2 pages. On the first page, there should be a maximum of two fields to fill out. Start with the name and email. If you want to receive more information, then it is always best to put those fields on the second page. After you integrate your email with the popup software, you can effectively build an email list full of new leads. 

Using Popups to Increase Sales

Generating sales through a website can be quite challenging, especially if they are new visitors. A great way to use popups to increase sales is to create a sense of urgency. Create a popup with a ticking clock letting them know that they have limited time to act on a sale. A sense of urgency is a sure way to maximize your chances of making a sale. Also use popups to shed light on your deals and discounts. Always include the original price, so your viewers are aware of how much money they are saving. 

Popups Best Practices 

Through trial and error, many businesses have discovered the most efficient way to design effective popups. Timing, content, and analytics all come into play. 

Get feedback 

Popups are a great way to gain feedback about your company’s practices. Designing a popup with multiple choice questions allows you to ask questions such as where the viewer was referred from or how much they enjoyed their experience on your website. You can also include text boxes for your users to go further into detail. 

Mobile Vs Desktop 

Like most programs and websites, the content is going to look different on a desktop compared to a mobile device. Luckily, platforms like Sleaknote allow you to preview your popups on both. It is also important to note that you should include campaigns that are focused for mobile users, as well as desktop users. For example, if you are trying to get followers on Instagram, it would be smart to make that a mobile campaign because virtually no one uses instagram on a desktop 

New Subscribers vs Returning 

You can make popups that are specifically designed for new customers or returning. Both are important, but the main goal of focusing on new subscribers is to gain contact information and 

And create engagement. A returning subscriber should be nurtured as you would a returning customer. Generating sales with a returning subscriber will always be easier than a new one, so utilize the power of upsells within your popups. 

Track analytics

As with all aspects of marketing, tracking your analytics is crucial to your success. Sleaknote allows you to know what popups are gaining leads and generating sales. Once you see what is working, design your future popups based on those ideas. You will know what type of popups increase engagement and which ones turn your viewers off. There are several types of popups to test, so take your time and track your analytics on a daily basis. 

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