5 Elements to Add to Your Charity Event to Increase Fundraising

January 16, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Even if you’ve hosted a charitable event before, there’s always some degree of anxiety about raising enough money. You’ll focus on bringing in all the right guests and sharing your cause’s primary message and goals. But what else can you do to increase your fundraising results? Keep reading! We’ll share some of our favorite go-to elements to ensure your charitable event is a huge success.

1. Sponsorship Packages

Even if you have a sponsor or two for your event, consider building out a more robust series of sponsorship opportunities. Create tiered options at various price points. Include perks with each level of sponsorship, including VIP access. And follow up by developing a sales and marketing strategy to sell those packages.

2. Bring in the Celebrities

Gain more exposure and increase the enthusiasm for your charitable event by inviting celebrities! Celebrity endorsements, from in-person speaking engagements and guest appearances, to digital support like testimonial videos or advertisement appearances, celebs can significantly boost your event’s fundraising. 

3. Branded Merchandise Sales

Consider creating event-specific branded merchandise, like shirts, mugs, and functional tote bags, to sell in support of your charitable cause. This might involve unique designs and strategies to start. But ultimately, you can garner even more support with a tangible product to sell to both attendees to your fundraising event and supporters online who maybe can’t attend.

4. Incentivize Guests to Spread the Word

When you really need to get the word out about attending and donating to your fundraising event, look for ways to incentivize those who are already loyal supporters. Deputize them with perks and extras to help share event details on social media and among their circles of friends and colleagues. Provide post-event shopping discounts or branded merchandise for those who help raise additional funds. And build a strategy to help you assemble a team of your strongest and most loyal supporters and really put a megaphone to your cause.

5. Bonus Elements for Boosting Funds

In addition to the aforementioned key elements for boosting fundraising results, there are more subtle details to add that can have a significant impact. For example, incorporating other “green” and more sustainable efforts with your event can attract more donations. Personalized invitations to major donors or corporate brands can also inspire generous donations. A few other bonus elements for engagement-boosting methods include:

  • Interactive Fundraising
  • Crowdfunding Strategies
  • Unique Social Campaigns

And remember, even when your fundraiser is over, you can still collect donations. Consider a post-event donation outreach strategy to help reach your fundraising goals.

Keep these elements in mind as you plan your upcoming fundraiser or charity event. And should you still need help, let the EMRG Media team step in to manage all the details. From celebrity invites to sponsorship strategies and beyond, let us help you reach your event fundraising goals!


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