Feeling Stuck? 6 Ways to Break Out of the Stagnation Trap

June 19, 2022 Mario Stewart

It happens to the best of us. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, sooner or later, we may all find ourselves experiencing stagnation. If you're finding that you've plateaued or are losing motivation personally or professionally as an event planner in New York, this read is for you. Today, we'll discuss six ways to help you break out of your rut and relight that internal flame of inspiration in your life. Find your creative and energetic self with the help of these motivational suggestions.

1. Check Your Goals

Start by creating or refreshing a list of your short, mid, and long-term goals. Seeing your goals on paper can make them tangible and concrete. This list should be both personal and professional aspirations. If one of your listed goals is to reach the next level of success with your event planning business, evaluate your day-to-day efforts at work. Are you working towards your goal specifically or just going through the motions of task management? You can then create a shortlist for yourself that maybe includes taking on new projects, asserting more leadership initiatives, or talking to other leaders about your goals for growth. If you don't have your goals definitively outlined, you won't be able to take precise steps to get there.

2. Change Your Scenery

Occasionally, a change of scenery is all you need. If you've been grinding for a considerable amount of time, you might be due for a vacation. It’s no doubt been a tough couple of years for New York event planners. It’s ok to give yourself a break. Taking a reprieve from your career can help reset your energy level and mind, allowing you to come back refreshed and inspired again. If your personal life is feeling stagnant, a change of scenery could mean trying a new coffee shop in the morning or taking a scenic drive to connect with nature. Your family could use a change of scenery from time to time too. Break out of the personal rut with a change of routine. Embrace some spontaneity and hit the refresh button.

3. Evaluate Your Perspectives

Stagnation can sometimes lead to unhealthy perspectives and resentment. Take some quiet time to yourself to reflect not only on how you act and react to your situations but also dive deeper into understanding why. You may be operating on autopilot in response to past experiences. Maybe you feel you didn’t handle a client meeting well. Or maybe one of your events didn’t go off without a hitch as you’d hoped. Now, you realize you haven't engaged the same since, out of fear of rejection or a lack of confidence. You've inadvertently put yourself on the back burner and now find yourself in a career rut because you're not feeling connected. Bring back your assertive self and be brave to challenge some of your perspectives. Don't let past experiences stifle your voice. 

4. Try Something New

Maybe you feel everything professionally and personally is running smoothly. But you can't shake the feeling of having reached a plateau in life. If you're feeling frustrated, bored, or hungry for something, it might be time to try something new. You might just need to introduce some new things to your life. Consider trying a new restaurant, treating yourself to a new suit, or changing your hairstyle. There are a host of new-to-you experiences out there that can be just the breath of fresh air you need to get over the hump.

5. Meet New People

Check your circle of people, whether it be friends or event planning colleagues. It can be inspirational to add, move, and change your group settings from time to time. Try new networking or social events, and make new connections. Engaging with fresh faces can inspire and rejuvenate your perspectives. Introduce a few new business or personal relationships to your tribe, and you'll find learning and interacting with new friends can be rewarding. And a great place to meet some of the most inspirational people who understand the event planning industry is at this year's Event Planner Expo and 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!

6. Partner with a Life Coach

If you're in a rut and feel there are more complicated nuances to what got you here, you may benefit most from partnering with a life coach. Life is full of unexpected curveballs that affect all of us on a variety of levels. A life coach can help you peel back the onion to identify precise next steps to breaking out of the stagnation. Aligning with a professional who has an outside perspective and who can make sure you're weighing all options and viewpoints can get you past the rut and on to a greater version of you.

Understand that ruts happen to all of us. The key is learning how to identify one and take the steps to change things up and break out of them. Consider some of these suggestions to help you reconnect with your most creative self. And if you need more help with your event planning business, let EMRG Media help!

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