Incredible Ways to Make Your Event Invitation Stand Out from the Rest

May 10, 2022 Erica Maurer

Regardless of the nature of the event, whether it’s a social gathering or a corporate conference, the first impression of the event invitation matters. As an event planner, you continuously look for new and creative ways to make your event invitations stand out from the rest. But even the best event planners in New York need a little nudge in the creative department from time to time. Here are some incredibly engaging event invitation ideas and best practices to help get your creative juices flowing. 

Tying the Event Theme into the Event Invitation

It’s generally a great place to start if you narrow your event invitation brainstorming to the theme or style of the event itself. If it’s a Mardi Gras celebration, for example, you’ll want the invitation to reflect similar tones, color palettes, and imagery with Mardi Gras. Alternatively, if you’re the hired event planner for a corporate event, you may need to stick with more formal invitation themes or incorporate the company’s colors and design aesthetics. Whatever the event may be, remember that the event invitation should be an extension and direct reflection of the intended event experience.

Change up Your Language and Descriptions

Inviting people to an event requires engaging content. Don’t be afraid to get creative with descriptions and itinerary explanations. Stray from the norm when you can with how you describe the event. Tired and bland text will only translate to a tired and bland event. 

Instead of: You’re Invited

Try: Join Us in Celebrating!

Instead of: Please RSVP

Try: RSVP If You Don’t Want to Miss This Event!

Infuse Invitations with Personality

As you’re creating event invitation layouts and language, look for ways to infuse the client’s personality wherever possible. Maybe you’re planning a New York wedding for a bride and groom who are movie buffs. Talk to them about incorporating fun movie references to better fit their personalities. If you’re organizing a milestone anniversary party, look for insights about the couple to help guide your event invite design efforts to reflect their interests. Today’s event planners are also exploring different physical materials for their event invites, too. Consider making your event invitations stand out by incorporating fabrics, wood grain looks, and varying textures.

Get Creative with Invitation Channels

Event invitations can be sent across a variety of channels these days, including traditional mail, by email, and digital channels. Depending on the theme and nature of the event you’re planning, look to incorporate several layers of invites, each with their own distinct yet consistent messaging. Hop on Pinterest for additional inspiration about creatively developing your event invitation strategy, including printed and digital layout ideas. 

Think outside the event invitation box and find some inspiration with these suggestions for your next invite design. For more help, you can always reach out to consult with the EMRG team. And for a serious collection of event planning in New York insights, business strategies, and networking opportunities, you have to attend The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October! Get your tickets today!

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