5 of the Best Winter Wedding Venues in New York City

April 5, 2022 Susan Serena

The colors are changing in New York City and the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees. That only means that smells of pine trees and peppermint are soon to follow along with views of holiday-themed décor in window displays. That also indicates that winter wedding season is approaching us and while the weather will be cold, this may be the most magical time of year for NYC brides and grooms.

Winter weddings in New York City produce a whimsical setting for guests and when New York wedding planners are searching for venues to book, it’s important that they visualize the overall ambiance to ensure that the room fits the theme. They’ll want to bring in some of the magical setting from outside, inside to design a perfect winter wonderland.

For New York Wedding Planners who are looking for just the right venue to create an unmatched winter wedding for brides, EMRG presents:

5 of the Best Winter Wedding Venues in New York

Not all weddings are created equally and each venue in New York City has its own unique characteristics that will go hand in hand with the selected theme. New York City is comprised of 5 Burroughs so don’t discount venues outside of Manhattan because there are plenty of hidden gems that will fit the bill as well.

Edison Ballroom

If you’re going to go magical, you’re going to want to choose the historic Edison Ballroom for your winter wedding in New York City. The main ballroom which is quite popular to choose for a luxurious wedding can accommodate up to 280 guests under the art deco architecture where New York wedding planners will have the perfect setting to create an enchanted winter wedding. If you’re wedding is due to be larger than life and you need room for more people, the Mezzanine above can comfortably accommodate an extra 100 people.

The Edison Ballroom in Times Square is not only located in a prime area of Manhattan, but also a convenient one since it’s near all transportation and hotels. Besides the two nearby garages, the venue offers valet parking.


If grandeur is what you’re aiming for underneath a dome filled with wood carvings, intricate mosaics, winter lights, candle fixtures, and enchanted winter décor then Weylin in Brooklyn is the ideal venue for New York wedding planners to choose for a wedding.

Once upon a time this location was known as the iconic Williamsburg Savings Bank and has been rehabbed to become one of New York’s premier event spaces to deliver a unique and memorable experience. The award-winning restoration makes Weylin look and feel like a royal setting and is the perfect place to host a winter wedding.

Brooklyn Winery

You can still get the whole Big Apple feel outside of this Williamsburg, Brooklyn venue where the streets are still busy with tourists and taxis stirring around the area. However, once your guests walk inside those venue doors, they will enter an entirely new world. Just like you would expect from a chateau, The Brooklyn Winery shouts wooden and rustic like a cabin in Aspen. The greenery has been brought indoors with their garden atrium and for a genuine feel, the operative winery is intact.

New York wedding planners can have a field day filling this event space with winter décor filled with icicle lighting, glass tableware, cork accents, luxurious wine, snowflakes, and warm candle centerpieces.

Gotham Hall

There’s nothing like 17,500 square feet of space and a high ceiling with a skylight made of stained glass to say, “this is it!” Gotham Hall is sure to inspire New York wedding planners to create a winter wedding beyond any bride’s wildest dreams.

There is no doubt that the majestic ambiance will have all guests in awe and enjoying a night of dancing on the marble floors right underneath the centered chandelier. Wedding planners can work closely with the events coordinator to decorate this spectacular venue in Manhattan and design an elaborate winter-themed reception.

Gotham Hall is within walking distance to Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan so there is no concern on how easy it will be for guests to attend what’s due to be the wedding party of the year.  

The Liberty Warehouse

Red Hook, Brooklyn is housing a venue that offers three event spaces to book a winter wedding right on Pier 41. Built to perfection in the 1800s, The Liberty Warehouse is a planning playground for New York wedding planners who are looking for an impressive venue that offers a variety of inspiring details.

With a canvas of 15,000 square feet of space to design on to keep you busy, the location of the venue will take care of the backdrop for you. The remarkable views of the New York Harbor will only add appeal to what the inside has to offer. There is no doubt that whether you choose The Harbor Room, The Bridge Room, or The Governors Room, that you will end up with amazing wedding photographs and guests that will never forget the event.

While every season is filled with nuptials in New York, the Winter season happens to be one of the more prominent times of year for New York wedding planners to demonstrate their creative capacity. Finding the right event space in New York City to host a winter wedding may not be so easy but hopefully these 3 sites will give you an idea of looking outside the Manhattan box.

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