Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Around the Country

May 1, 2022 Erica Maurer

It’s that festive and fun time of year again; the day that marks Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla is around the corner. You might know it as Cinco de Mayo, and this year is the 160th anniversary of that infamous French army defeat. 

While it’s not a federal holiday, Cinco de Mayo is one of the most celebrated holidays across the U.S. Find out how other cities commemorate the big day. And get your calendars ready to jot down some serious New York City Cinco de Mayo celebrations, as well. As an up-and-coming event planner in New York, you might find some incredible inspiration with some of these culturally rich celebrations.

Los Angeles, California

Considering Los Angeles is one of if not the most culturally diverse city in the U.S., and given its size, it’s no wonder the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations happen there. There will be city-wide festivals, several parades, and some of the most delicious Mexican fare you’ll find. There will also be several traditional celebrations featuring live music, pinatas, and Cinco de Mayo pub crawls. 

Denver, Colorado

Another U.S. city that boasts some of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations is Denver. There is a week-long series of festivities located at Civic Center Park, where “Celebrate Culture” attracts tourists far and wide. There are several parades, taco-eating contests, and plenty of festive live music. There are usually hundreds of vendors on-hand, and everyone loves the chihuahua races.

San Antonio, Texas

In the heart of its Market Square, San Antonio celebrates Mexican culture practically year-round. So, you can imagine that for Cinco de Mayo, San Antonians take celebrating to a whole new level. Festivities ramp up for three full days of incredible music, tasty food, and wholesome community. There are even Cinco de Mayo-themed crafts and a Mariachi competition! Try those out at your next event for serious fun.

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota, might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of Cinco de Mayo. But with its District del Sol, a local neighborhood predominantly of Mexican heritage and culture, there is a celebration like none you’ll find elsewhere. Visitors come to explore the countless Mexican markets and to sample the incredible cuisine. There are also parades and local festivals that will have you feeling like you're south of the border. And the word is, the very best tacos in St. Paul are at Taco Libre or Boca Chica Taco House with their iconic fried tacos.

New York City, New York

We saved the best for last. New York definitely knows a thing or two about hosting a city-wide celebration. And when it comes to Cinco de Mayo, you won’t have a shortage of options since all five boroughs have a unique Mexican cultural experience to offer. With more than two million among the Latino population in NYC, you won’t find a more culturally rich environment in which to celebrate. Whether you gather with friends to enjoy live music or want to dance the night away at Cantina Rooftop, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. You can sample some of the best tacos from more than 20 different restaurants or sip on some of the best margaritas in Manhattan at ATLA. 

If you need additional inspiration about how to event plan for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, check out some of these ideas. 

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