Here Are Some Great Gender Reveal Party Ideas

June 1, 2022 Mario Stewart

In recent years, we have seen countless videos on social media of creative ways to reveal the gender of your unborn baby to your friends and family. At the same time, we have seen many of these reveals go terribly wrong. It is interesting to see how trends grow. It used to be that a mother and father would learn of their child’s gender in private. Now, many have used the idea to create a party, with the gender reveal as the big climax. The interesting part of this is that there are several companies that can provide cakes, balloons, or other objects filled with the signature blue or pink color to be a surprise to the parents themselves. Let’s dive into some great gender reveal party ideas that will hopefully prevent you from being on an epic fail TikTok video. 


Throwing a party in the backyard with a festive pinata can be something fun for both parents and adults. After a good barbecue with some good drinks, and maybe some presents, get everybody ready to take turns swingin away at the classic party favor. Find a pinata company to fill the pinata of your choosing with the classic blue or pink dust and get ready to celebrate at the big reveal. 


There are several bakeries around who can provide you with hidden pink or blue cake inside. Towards the end of your party, everyone can surround the happy couple as the slice into the cake to reveal the gender. You can also do this with cup cakes, by handing them out to your guests and letting everyone bit into the surprise together. 

Confetti Canyon

This is a classic gender reveal party idea that can give the feel of a festive parade. Get some confetti poppers for either the couple, or your guests and do a countdown until the strings are pulled, revealing the blue or pink confetti. At the same time, this can give you an epic picture to be posted on social media. 

Golf Ball

This one is more focused on the golf fenatics, whether it would be the mother, father, or both! Purchase a small ball filled with the blue or pink dust and set it up on the tee. Gather your guests around and have one of you take a big swing to reveal the blue or pink dust. It would probably be best for the more experienced golfer to take the swing, so your guests are not waiting until the cows come home. 

Scratch Offs

There are companies who make custom scratch off cards to give your gender reveal a creative twist. Make the cards your own and then hand them out to your guests for each of them to scratch. A great way to do it is if they reveal 3 pink or 3 blue spots, you will know what gender wins and you can all celebrate together! 


There are several great decorations out there to make your gender reveal party unique to you. Pink and blue t-shirts are a signature party favor that your guest can wear and bring home. Paper plates, cups, napkins all with the classic text is another definite. Taking the typical party accessories like signs, invitations, and other party favors and customizing them to your gender reveal is a great way to get your party started. 

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