4 Signs It’s Time to Leave the Event Planning to a Professional

June 7, 2022 Desiree Homer

We see it all the time. An HR Manager or Corporate Assistant gets tasked with planning the next company outing or special event. They get knee-deep into the planning and then start running into challenges. Those challenges snowball into problems, and by the time they call in a New York event planner or try to hire a professional, the timeline is too unforgiving to pull the event off successfully. 

This happens routinely with social gatherings, too, including bar mitzvahs, milestone birthday parties, and even weddings. Instead of getting in over your head when you’re tasked to manage and plan an upcoming event, revisit this list we’re about to provide. These are the signs it’s time to hire a professional. And when you let a New York event planner handle all the details, like EMRG Media, you’re guaranteed to have a successful event.

You Just Don’t Have the Time Needed

If you’re working a full-time job elsewhere or have an eight-hour day of other work-related duties to tackle, you’re not going to have the time you need to properly plan a sizable event. For starters, you’ll need to take the time to compare services and pricing. You’ll want to talk to representatives for various products and services, usually during normal business hours. Running out of time to properly vet your vendors means you could be rushing into an agreement with the wrong vendor and over-paying for a subpar experience. 

You’re Not Visiting Venues or Sampling Fare

The best New York event planners will tell you how imperative it is to visit potential venues in person, taste menu selections before deciding, and listen to the entertainment before booking. Whether you’re pressed for time or just aren’t sure what you’re looking for to complement your event, you could be making the wrong decision. The venue, the menu, and the entertainment are arguably the most important details to get right. If you can’t sample your options, then it’s time to hire a professional who can sample them for you.

You’re Overlooking the Little Things

Planning an event starts with a to-do list of the big-ticket items. Most people, even those without planning experience, can remember to choose a venue, select a menu, and book the entertainment. But there are so many other aesthetics that go into planning a successful event. And it’s the little things that add up to big experiences. What about parking? Are there accommodations for those in a wheelchair? Does your menu have vegan options? Who’s handing out door prizes? Who’s paying the band at the end of the night? Who’s in charge of the audiovisual equipment? And did you remember to select table centerpieces and décor? If you just got overwhelmed, it’s time to bring in an event planner.

You’re Struggling to Find Vendors 

In your line of work, you might be the most well-connected person in the room. But when it comes to event planning in New York, you might run short on connections and resources. If you’re struggling to know where to start with hiring entertainment or aren’t sure what the best venue is for a corporate launch party, you’re missing an opportunity to let a professional plug you into the latest and greatest for your event. Hiring a professional means leveraging someone’s connections that reach across caterers, venues, entertainment, guest speakers, gaming, and so much more. Let us handle finding the best-fit everything for your event. 

If any of these signs or points resonated with you, let EMRG Media take the reins. We’ll ensure every detail is managed and executed to your specifications and budget. And it’ll be the best event you’ll be glad you didn’t have to plan.

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