How to Turn Your Sales Teams into Brand Ambassadors

June 13, 2022 Mario Stewart

As a New York event planner, you know how important it is for you to be able to rely on others. From venues and entertainment companies to caterers and florists, it takes an army to put together the memorable experience you offer your clients. 

But there is another key relationship you should be nurturing, too. And it could very well be the most important contributor to your bottom line. Your sales teams and fellow employees are your event company’s greatest asset. Don’t just turn them loose on New York to try and land clients. Follow this roadmap of internal best practices, support, and strategy to transform employees and sales teams into full-blown brand ambassadors.

Share Your Vision and Your Mission

Don’t operate your event planning business in a silo. Talk to your teams about your long-term goals, why you started your business, and what challenges you face as a company. Your mission should be shared often, which is an outline of attainable levels of service or a mantra by which you deliver on your clients' promises. But also share your vision or those goals that you have yet to reach to demonstrate to your teams that you’re committed to success. Invite them to share and contribute to both and watch them buy into your dream in a real way. When they believe in their employer, they’ll be eager to share their values with others.

Internal Marketing Strategies 

You probably have a robust strategy for marketing, inbound sales, and outbound sales. But what about an internal marketing strategy for your teams to follow? If you want enthusiastic brand ambassadors, then you should create a roadmap for internal marketing. This could include a series of rules of engagement for anyone on your team when they’re engaging clients, vendors, or colleagues. Everyone should know your team colors and be encouraged to engage on behalf of your brand on social media. Coach them on what to do to promote your brand and event planning business, and get out of their way to let them do their thing!

Make Sure They Have the Tools They Need

No one among the ranks will be able to generate buzz about your brand or upcoming event if they don’t have the tools they need to contribute. Look to ensure everyone on your sales team has every tool in the arsenal and support channel necessary to be brand ambassadors and company champions.

Foster a Working Environment They Love

Routinely check to verify that everyone on your team continues to love what they do. Sure, there are going to be tough days. But anyone who isn’t feeling connected to the company brand won’t be out there promoting it either. Look to:

- Outline a robust employee engagement integration strategy

- Create multiple channels of communication

- Open up opportunities for personal and professional development

Today’s employees want rewarding culture, great connections, and career advancement from their employers. And when all of these boxes are checked, your event planning business will reap the rewards. They’ll be more engaged as a workforce and willing to share just how much they love working at your company and the great things it’s doing.

Allow and Encourage Their Voices

Top performers and big personalities in your New York event planning company should always be heard. Any opportunity they have to contribute in a meaningful way will benefit everyone. Allow them to write a company blog or live stream to your company's social media. The more your teams’ voices contribute, the more enthusiastic they’ll be about sharing. And the more exposure your brand will achieve.

Reward Brand Ambassador Wins

Keep your teams motivated and inspired in their own roles and about your company. You don’t ever want them to feel overburdened as brand ambassadors, either. The best way to combat both is by routinely rewarding them for wins large and small. Team-building events, incentives, bonuses, and even company or public recognition all go a long way to developing passionate teams. Gratitude preserves the attitude!

Consider some of these strategies for deputizing and inspiring your teams. Turn your salespeople and employees into brand and company ambassadors. And if you still need more advice about team motivation and scaling your business, let the EMRG Media experts be your guides!

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