Here's Why Prolific Content is A Game-Changer When It Comes To Marketing

May 24, 2022 Jonny Hoffman

When it comes to marketing your company or brand, you need to get yourself out there on as many platforms as possible. The goal is to make yourself findable to your current and potential clients. When it comes to creating actual content, whether it is blogs, videos, social media posts, you want to make sure that it is both relevant and valuable. To make something relevant, it should clearly relate to your brand, as well as current trends in the market. If you want something to offer value then, your content should solve a problem, or help your viewers save time and money. 

When it comes to content creation, it is all about quality and quantity. You need to make sure you are creating sleek, professional looking pieces of content, and you want to be posting it multiple times a day. At the same time, you don’t want to be putting your eggs in one basket. There are so many platforms out there to post content, and you need to be taking advantage of as many as you can. Let’s dive in further to why and how creating prolific content will gain you more clients and boost your business. 

Social Media Content

There are several ways to increase brand exposure through your content that you create on social media. First and foremost, do your research on current trends and technology. Videos are essential when it comes to creating social media content. Your videos should look great, and offer value to your viewers. As far as the time lengths go, that will depend on what type of social media platform you are using. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram will be where you post your shorter videos, while YouTube is a great place to post your longer videos. Keep things simple, yet engaging, and always remember to add a call to action. 


Blog writing is a valuable tool to share content about your company as well as related topics in your field. You want to provide valuable information about your industry, and always include a call to action to redirect traffic to your website or forms. The call to action doesn't have to be forceful. It should be clear and simple, while offering value. Some types of blog content include: 

Engagement: offering your opinion on topics 

Evergreen: content that is always relevant (Top 10 lists)

Events: upcoming news or events within your industry 

Blogs are constantly being shared via the internet, making it one of the best ways to gain clients. With programs like UberFlip, you can write blogs, as well as add keywords, SEO descriptions, and metadata to make your blogs easy to find on the internet. 


Newsletters are a great tool for several reasons. First, by having someone sign up for access to your newsletter, you are then, in turn, receiving their contact information. At the same time, a newsletter is a great way to share your story and expertise to a mass audience. You are going to be able to keep them up to date with everything going on in your company as well as upcoming events. A newsletter is a great icebreaker to connect with new customers, but it is also a great way to nurture your existing customers. At the same time, you are proving your expertise and credibility within your field. 

EMRG Media is here to assist you with all of your marketing needs. Feel free to contact the EMRG Marketing Department today. 

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