5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Corporate Event Planner to Wow Your Guests

April 30, 2022 Desiree Homer

There comes a point in time when everyone realizes it’s time to bring in a professional. Whether you’re trying to repair a leaky faucet or a rattle noise under the hood of your car, you know some tasks are just better left to more capable professionals. So, when you’re faced with planning a corporate event in New York, you recognize you’re in one of those pivotal moments when bringing in an event planner to help makes sense. 

But not all event planners are created equal, nor does each bring the same level of creativity, organization, and professionalism. And that’s when you realize finding the right event planner to wow your guests with an incredible experience might be just as hard as planning the event yourself. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can find the perfect event planner for your upcoming corporate event if you look for these key factors. These are the considerations everyone should apply to any corporate event planning partnership decision.

1. Review Corporate Event Planner Successes

When you first engage with a corporate event planner, ask about their success stories. Let them tell you which events they’ve planned that they’re most proud of and eager to promote. And dig a little deeper to ask them why those particular events were successful. These answers will tell you where their true expertise lies. Additionally, you’ll want to work with an event planner that has plenty of corporate event planning experience, not a wedding planner who sometimes takes on a corporate party or two. 

2. Ask, and Follow up with an Event Planner’s References

Trusting your corporate event to just anyone could spell event disaster. So, don’t hesitate to ask for and follow up with a corporate event planner’s references. References can tell you everything you need to know about how reliable, professional, and organized an event planner is. And any corporate event planner in New York who doesn’t have references deserves a hard pass.

3. Trust Your Gut and First Impressions

Event planners in New York are in the “first impressions” business. If you’re not wowed by your first engagement, your gut might try to tell you it’s not a good fit. Based on your first few conversations, you should have a good idea about whether or not the event planner has taken the time to prepare for your meeting to discuss. They should have great questions about your event and company culture. And because they’re experts in creating experiences, every touchpoint you have with them should be favorable. If it’s not, and your gut is trying to tell you something, it might mean it’s best to keep prospecting for a new corporate event planner.

4. Google Reviews Matter

Don’t make any corporate event planner decisions without also checking the Google and Yelp reviews. These are great resources where past clients and guests can share first-hand experiences. Sure, there are sometimes a few rogue entries of disgruntled parties, but the overall sentiments of any partner you select should be highly rated and favorable.

5. What’s the Likeability Factor?

When you hire a corporate event planner in New York, you should be prepared for continuous engagement with the planner about your event. They’ll need information and details from you, along with your opinion on matters of menu, décor, or audiovisual preferences. Make sure whomever you choose is likable and someone with whom you can envision yourself working well with over the next few weeks to iron out the details of your event. No matter how great an event planner is, if they’re not likable, it probably won’t be a pleasant planning experience.

When you’re ready to bring in a professional for your upcoming corporate event, consider these vetting factors. Or, you could take all the guesswork out of choosing and go straight to the best! Let EMRG Media Events & Marketing show you how to plan a corporate event that wows your guests!

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