New Brand or Product Launch? 5 Reasons to Bring in a Professional Event Planner

January 17, 2023 Jessica Stewart

For any business leader or corporate event manager looking to organize a product launch event, this is the must-read advice to see. A product launch is your opportunity to feature and showcase to the world your latest innovation or brand message. You’ll want your target audience engaged, inspired, and attracted in a way that has them talking about your organization and product for weeks. And this event is key to achieving those goals. One small event planning misstep could spell disaster. Every product launch event or brand conference should have a professional event planner at the helm. Today, we’ll share precise reasons why you shouldn’t tackle your event without one.

1. An Event Professional Can Align Your Event with Your Strategy

A proper product launch or brand event will need to support the core channel strategies you have in place. And when you bring in an event planning professional, you’ll have a dedicated expert who knows just how to convey your crafted creative, your product’s story and narrative, and your intended audience. With every event marketing effort, your event planner will make sure every detail aligns with your vision, from invitations to final thank-you notes and post-event surveys.

2. Event Planners Know How to Make Events Exclusive

To really attract and capture the target audience, you’ll need a professional who understands public demands and attendee engagement. Driving event exclusivity requires planning and strategy implementation that a dedicated planner can handle seamlessly. Customization at every level of engagement is possible with an event planner to help. 

3. Planning Pros Are Great Resources for Key Details

When planning any event, you know you’ll need to arrange a venue, catering services, and entertainment. But there are so many more details to add to your must-have list. There are lighting and audiovisuals to consider, marketing plans, managing RSVPs and guest registration, and guest speakers to book. When you have an event planner working on your behalf, you can rest assured that they’ll have all the resources and tools at their disposal to manage all the details of your product launch, right down to centerpieces, breakout sessions, and welcome signage.

4. Your Event Needs to Entertain as Much as It Informs

You can plan a product launch event down to the minute, encompassing every core detail about your company, brand, and product. But if you’re just presenting information without educating, entertaining, and enlightening, you’re missing out on a core element of event planning. Fortunately, professional event planners, like the EMRG Media team, know just how to infuse each event with entertainment elements that dazzle guests. From celebrity guest speakers to big-name musical performers, your event planner can ensure your event does just as much entertaining as it does inform for a truly experiential event.

5. Planners Are Experienced

Here’s another caveat. As a company leader or brand manager, you’re probably limited on how many product launch events you’ve planned. However, when you work with a trusted planner, you’re bringing in the experience of someone who’s likely planned tens or hundreds of similar events. With processes and proven strategies rooted in previous experience, you can be sure a planner can execute effortlessly and effectively, ready to avoid mistakes you might inadvertently make in planning your event in-house.

Before you try to plan your company’s brand or product launch event on your own, explore your options with an event planner. Contact EMRG Media to learn more about how we can bring all the best elements together for an effective launch event that will leave your guests buzzing about your big innovation.

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