Ready to Plan the Company Summer Outing? 6 Themes Your Employees Will Love

May 14, 2022 Erica Maurer

If you’re looking to plan a last-minute summer outing for your company, these are the themes your corporate event guests and employees will love. As an event planner, you’ll appreciate how quickly and easily these themes are to put together, too!

1. Summer Breezy Speakeasy

Think roaring 20s, flapper dresses, and pinstriped suits for a fun summer breezy speakeasy theme! Encourage guests and employees to dress the part. Bartenders can dress up too, with suspenders and beads. This corporate event theme will work in practically any venue, indoors or out, making it easy to implement. Your summer outing will be the talk at the water cooler for years to come!

2. Corporate Summer Olympics

Another great summer outing theme to consider is one centered around the summer Olympics. Create a series of games or challenges for participating guests to enjoy. Prizes can be of the gold, silver, and bronze level variety for the winners. And this doesn’t have to be anything related to athletics. Get creative and put together fun, more relaxed events suitable for employees enjoying themselves among colleagues.

3. The Hawaiian Luau Is Always a Winner

Everyone has a Hawaiian shirt in their closet, right? Bring a beach theme and ocean side aesthetics for the perfect summer outing and corporate event. Make sure every drink features a tiny umbrella and set up selfie stations in front of giant waves. The Hawaiian theme is easy to accommodate for décor and venue. And leis complement every newly arriving guest.

4. Charitable Contribution

If your company wants to give back to the community, consider hosting a summer outing with a theme centered on that charity. It can be the summer of giving and sustainability with recycling efforts, raffles, or donation stations to the local food pantry. You can explore animal themes, inviting guests to bring kibble or donations for the local animal shelter. Everyone on your invite list can get behind a good cause, and it’s a great theme for any summer outing.

5. A Country Western Summer Outing

Think wild west saloon, complete with cowboy hats, bandana, chaps, and Texas-style fare. Bring in some professional square-dancing coaches, and your corporate team will have a rootin’ tootin’ good time! Take it a step further and rent that mechanical bull to see if Larry from accounting can hang on for eight seconds. Employees and guests will have a blast in casual, western attire. And sipping on some summertime lemonade or whisky-based spirits should top off the event nicely.

6. Kentucky-Derby Themed Summer Kick-Off

Another great summer outing theme for your corporate event is a “Derby Days” or horse racing party. Encourage the fancy gowns, perfect for an outdoor get-together. And, of course, the bigger and flashier the hat, the better. Bring in elements of southern charm, bright colors, and plenty of roses. You might not be able to necessarily bet on the ponies, but you can create games and challenges to simulate the horse racing experience.

If you’re charged with planning a summer outing or corporate event and are pressed for time, consider some of these fun and easy-to-pull off themes. Your employees and guests will love these for sure. But if you’re thinking you still need help, let EMRG Media step in and take care of all the event planning details for you!

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