10 Venues In New York City That Are Perfect For A Corporate Event

April 5, 2022 Susan Serena

Scouting corporate event spaces in New York City can be a timely task when you don’t know where to begin looking. Experienced event professionals who have been booking venues for decades can tell you that the research process can seem like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. Simply because there are hundreds of corporate event spaces in New York City, but not all will help you produce the event of the year. You must really build a relationship with the venue’s managers and staff for them to help you deliver on the promise you provided to your client.

If you’re looking for an event space in NYC that will amaze your client and that will help your event run effortlessly, review our list of corporate event spaces in New York City that event planners use to wow their clients!

Top Corporate Event Spaces in New York City

Edison Ballroom

When you’re looking for elegance in a private space smack in the middle of all that is good in New York City, look no further than the Edison Ballroom in Times Square. This NYC event space was launched in the 1930s as the premier Grand Ballroom of the who’s who in New York City. It is an impressive event venue fully stocked with a professional staff and a delicious in-house catering menu.

One of the advantages of booking your event at Edison Ballroom in New York City is the state-of-the-art AV system that’s already in place. You won’t have to worry about sound quality while dancing the night away at your next holiday party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or any other event category.

Up and Down

Up and Down NYC is a colorful event space in Manhattan that’s well-known for its social nightlife where New Yorkers love to go to enjoy dancing, cocktails, and a buzzing ambiance. The venue alternates a host of DJs that are known to spin the best of the best music to keep the night enjoyable.

While this event space in New York City has a nightclub atmosphere, the classic décor makes this venue an excellent choice for a private party. Surrounded in crown moldings on the walls and ceiling, an elevated booth for the DJ, and blue banquettes; this location has become a favorite for NY events. Party goers truly enjoy the in-house photo booth with customization and print options. Even pin spot lighting is available upon request to help provide the right setting for your event.

Hammerstein Ballroom

Here’s one of the most versatile and elegant corporate event spaces in New York City to consider for your next event. In fact, this is a premier choice event space for corporate event planners in Manhattan. The two-tiered 12,000 sq. ft. event space will floor you at first glance. After it’s restoration, the Hammerstein Ballroom has become breathtaking! The hand-painted ceiling is designed to hold a variety of production lighting options, sound, and set design. No matter where you are standing in this venue, you will have unobstructed views of New York City. The two balconies contain private rooms with opera boxes to allow flexible seating and a unique room design.

So why is Hammerstein Ballroom NYC a favorite for corporate event planners in New York City? Well, it’s all about the options, options, options. You have the ability to plan an event in reception style, as a seated dinner, theater style, and opera style. That makes this event space a smart choice for corporate events like award ceremonies, annual company holiday party, and corporate dinner functions.


If your lifestyle is a lavish one and you’re the type to want an unparalleled party that will leave your guests impressed for years, then Capitale NYC has your name written all over it. Located on Bowery Street in New York City, Capitale offers a distinguished and stylish event space for those who are looking for a top of the line event. A perfect venue to celebrate milestone birthdays in Manhattan or an unforgettable wedding. Over the years, Capitale in NYC has been a top pick for corporate event planners in NYC who are looking to book the absolute best event space for their clients.

The very definition of brilliance is what you will find when choosing this corporate event space for a seminar, launch party, or a majestic holiday party for your entire company. This location can serve a multitude of business functions because of its beautiful setting and rich details. This event space was designed in the late 1800s by Stanford White and has been one of the most ideal NYC venues for the downtown section of Manhattan ever since.

The Upstairs

The NYC rooftop craze took over spring and summer events about a decade ago, and it all began when venues like The Upstairs in NYC graced us with an alternative way to celebrate any occasion while overseeing the New York City skyline. The food alone at The Upstairs is a sight for sore eyes. Their beautiful dishes can be looked at as an art form, and their use of fresh ingredients makes them stand out as one of the best in catering menus for all occasions.

So not only do you get an all-season rooftop out of this NYC venue, but you will be enthralled by the delicious food and specialized service. This may be one of Midtown Manhattan’s best spots to host an event with amazing views throughout the night from the penthouse level. That’s right, this rooftop event space in NYC is atop the Kimberly Hotel where it sits 30 stories above ground. The atmosphere is stunning and perfect for a corporate event all year round. The heated floors allow for a winter event for your company’s holiday party, and of course any corporate event during the summer.

Diamond Horseshoe

If you’re looking to make history with planning a corporate event in NYC, then be sure to book this 5,000-sq. ft. storied venue that has been known for years to host the best theater & dinner events. The size alone should make you privy of the capacity of this event space, but what it won’t tell you is just how astonishing their menu and service is.

The Diamond Horseshoe was incepted in the 1930s by impresario Billy Rose who was known as a theatrical showman. Dinner theater events became their specialty, and after this landmark event space was restored by its new owners, it became a preferred event space for a customized corporate event experience.  The open floor plan offers two bars and a center stage, perfect for a musical production. There is also plenty room to add a catwalk for fashion events and launch parties. You can suit this space to cater to all your event needs because besides having an ideal layout, the AV and lighting systems are modern and fully equipped to produce an impactful presentation for your next corporate event in NYC.


Not all corporate events aim to have a classic and elegant setting, so when it’s modern and active that you’re looking for; you will find that and full bar service at Spin New York City. Keep your staff’s spirit up and book a team building event or corporate holiday party in NYC at Spin, where you will keep the attendees engaged. The fun ambiance and light energy in this event space make it a great place to host birthday parties and kid’s events like Mitvahs too!

Taking your event to the next level is a great tactic to keep your clients calling you back each year for their next celebratory juncture. This space is designed to make sure your guests are in a light state of mind and ready to participate in any planned activity. You will find plenty of conversation starting details and social activators to deliver a not so traditional affair. Add a layer of ease to your next corporate holiday party by booking your event at Spin, and you won’t be disappointed.

230 5th Avenue

Yes, we did mention that The Upstairs NYC was one of the city’s choice rooftop venues. But! We left this secret in our event planning pocket to give it its own shine…and with good reason. 230 5th Avenue is unequivocally the # 1 rooftop bar in NYC! There is no other rooftop in NYC with such a reputation for providing one of the largest outdoor spaces for a corporate event. The garden is one of the focal points in this venue and is fully enclosed within this penthouse lounge. Host a corporate event here at 230 5th Avenue under the open sky, and we assure you that you will think of at least 3 more events you’d like to host here.

Come rain or shine, hot or cool, this location is great for a corporate brunch, meeting, or any corporate function. This is the perfect alternative to the stale board room meetings where you’re surrounded by vanilla walls and projectors. Instead, give the staff an elevated corporate experience where they will see floor to ceiling art showcased along with versatile design features. This NYC venue is known for its extraordinary service and quality products to distribute perfection for any corporate happening.

One World Observatory

If 30 stories high at The Upstairs isn’t enough, let’s push you up about another 70 floors to One World Trade Center where you will find One World Observatory. Here is where you will be able to host a world-class corporate event and have your party turn into an exhibition from the views alone. Known as the peak of the NYC skyline, One World Observatory offers a distinguished location for your next corporate party. Standing at 1776 ft. and spread amongst 3 different levels, this premier event space features floor-to-ceiling views of the city. Your guests will feel like they’re swimming in the sky.

One World Observatory has a very flexible event space with a variety of onsite amenities and an exquisite menu for up to 300 guests. You can custom-design your corporate event with a package that is suitable to your needs, and where location, location, location, is desirable. Located in the nitty gritty of the downtown area of Manhattan, this corporate event space is ideal for any business function.


Who said all corporate events in NYC must be by land? Perhaps it’s time for a change of space and the Hornblower NYC is just what the event doctor ordered! Cruise along the Hudson with your company in one of the largest passenger vessels New York City has to offer. This corporate event space in NYC offers a prominent presence and caters to up to 2,200 guests. Hornblower Events & Cruises prides itself on providing a premier dining and event charter experience. Its widespread demand is why it has increased in popularity as one of the most sought out event space for a corporate event in Manhattan.

Feel free to choose this venue for a small or large corporate occasion. You can choose to host a happy hour for your company or a full-blown corporate party with all the bells and whistles to excite your team and build your staff’s spirit with an annual celebration. Your company cruise will start down in the West Village at Pier 40, and for smaller occasions, you can choose to host your company affair at the South Street Seaport by Pier 15.

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