4 Creative Ideas for a Company Holiday Party

April 5, 2022 Susan Serena

They’ve worked hard all year and it’s up to management to ensure that the staff not only feels appreciated, but that they also have more ammo to enter the New Year with ambition and motivation to continue building the brand. That’s where the company holiday party comes in.

Company holiday parties can sometimes seem like an obligation (or a drag) to employees and that’s usually because whoever does the planning is…well…B-O-R-I-N-G!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Hiring a corporate event planner is not necessarily going to put a dent in the budget, so we strongly suggest you go that route.

To make the office holiday party a memorable and exciting event, you’ll want to hire a corporate event planner who knows how to incorporate fun themes and activities, and if it’s open for staff to bring family members, then they'll make sure that the activities are age appropriate.

To make this year’s Christmas party at the office something for everyone to look forward to, here are:

4 Creative Ideas for a Company Holiday Party

1. Masquerade Holiday Party Theme

Everyone loves Halloween because they get to dress up or bring out their alter ego, and October is not the only month that should inspire wearing costumes. Host a masquerade holiday event for the staff and bring the office party to an entirely new level. Have everyone wear a mask and dress up in gala attire to make it an upscale affair where they can mingle and dance the night away under the Christmas lights, hanging snowflakes, candle centerpieces, and glass tableware décor. You can even use masks as part of the room’s decorations and make sure you include a photobooth on your list of activities because everyone will want pictures!

 2. 80s Holiday Party Theme

Who didn’t have fun in the 1980s? Exactly. So, bring it back a few decades and have everyone dress up in their favorite colors, big hair, big jewelry, legwarmers, Adidas sneakers, and anything neon they can find! When you announce this year’s theme at least a month ahead of time, you will automatically begin to build excitement amongst your team. Everyone will begin browsing oline to find what to wear and even share their ideas with one another. At the party:

  • Have the DJ spin 80s music
  • Work with a local caterer to create a menu of food favorites from the 80s
  • Decorate the room as the theme of a popular 80s TV show

3. Winter Holiday Party Theme

When you think winter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? OK, fine. But besides presents does snow come to mind? Of course it does! The Winter Wonderland theme is a favorite, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean fancy icicle décor, white Christmas lights, and fancy gowns.

Make your winter holiday party theme fun and heartfelt for the entire family and bring in the artificial snow to decorate the room, or you can host it at a skating rink which comes with a built-in activity for all (you should also hire a Santa to skate around with everyone and take pictures). You can include indoor fireplaces, hot chocolate stations for the kids, winter cocktails for the adults, a cookie decorating bar, and have everyone dress with their favorite ugly sweater.

4. Home Alone Holiday Party Theme

Ahhhhh! That’s right make everyone’s favorite holiday movie this year’s theme for the company holiday party. Here’s the kicker…. host it at the boss’s house! This is not only a great holiday theme but also a cost-effective one.

In this relaxed setting, you would welcome the staff into a home setting which can work towards building a stronger bond and improve company morale. The decorations would be the classic "home for the holidays" theme complete with colorful Christmas lights, Christmas tree, garlands, and figurines. Have a family style holiday meal catered and lots of treats from your favorite bakery. Make sure to include mugs filled with warm beverages (even some choices of warm holiday cocktails), and several game stations around the house for all to take part in family/company fun.

For more company holiday party ideas, be sure to visit our blog each week to see what’s fresh and new. 

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