NFT Week Is Coming!

March 25, 2023 Desiree Homer

New York City is often a popular destination for big festivals and industry week-long events. From Broadway Week to Fashion Week, there’s always something to celebrate. And when NYC hosts a party, it’s a week-long celebration. But there’s another “week” coming that you should be preparing for - NFT Week is back! Mark your calendar and check out all the goings on in NYC, celebrating and advancing the industry of non-fungible tokens!

NFT Week Official Details

NFT Week inspires a weeklong celebration and series of events to advance the NFT industry. It’s a beginner-friendly event but a hotspot for all enthusiasts, experts, and techies, too! Here’s a rundown of the official details.

  • NFT Week is happening April 12th through April 14th.
  • NFT Week is taking place in Times Square and at Hudson Yards.
  • NFT Week includes 100+ partners, 200+ reporters & 500+ brands.
  • NFT Week features more than 2000 artists.
  • NFT Week attracts more than 6000 attendees.

NFT Week Speakers include industry influencers and business leaders like:

  • Adam Caplan - Salesforce
  • Adam Ilenich - Rarible
  • Alex Kim - BNB Chain
  • Cameron Thompson - CoinDesk
  • Caitlin Cruickshank - MakersPlace
  • Charlie O’Neill - American Express
  • Chris Schlosser - Major League Soccer
  • Derick David - Forbes

And hundreds more!

FAQs About NFT Week

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest digital innovation. An NFT is actually a unique digital identifier. It’s a digital element that cannot be changed or copied, recorded in a blockchain where ownership and authenticity are certified. If you’re still baffled, check out NFT Week and learn more about this growing industry!

How do I get NFT Week tickets?

Visit NFT Week’s website online to explore the various ticket options and pricing. General Admission tickets include a collectible NFT ticket stub, access to the Sponsor Exhibition, access to speaking sessions, free NFTs and merch, and access to NFT networking and awards. There are also VIP experiences available, and exclusive hospitality offers to take advantage of online.

Can I purchase my tickets with crypto?

Yes! Crypto orders are processed via Shopify, and upon purchase, your ticket will be held for you on Eventbrite for reconciliation purposes. 

Is NFT Week recorded or streamed online?

Every session will be recorded and uploaded to the NFT Week YouTube channel. Streaming is not available this year.

If you’re looking to host your own NFT Week party, let EMRG Media handle all the details! We’ve curated some of the biggest NFT Week events and parties and can certainly take the reins to help elevate yours! Contact our event planning team today!

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