Dine in the Dark Is Back!

August 25, 2022 Mario Stewart

There are a host of New York events in the fall to look forward to and add to your social calendar. One such event is coming soon and is what many call the most exciting culinary event of the season. Dine in the Dark is back beginning September 16th and running through October 30th. Experiencing this 90-minute dining event is really something special!

What Is Dine in the Dark?

Imagine arriving at your dining destination, only to be escorted to your table in a softly dim restaurant environment. You’ll then be gently blindfolded and served a surprise menu. And this is where the true culinary experience comes into play. 

Without typical dining distractions or the ability to lay eyes on your plate, you’ll be encouraged to relish in the other aspects of your meal. Your senses will be heightened to focus on aromas, tastes, and textures. Savor every bite in a whole new way. Additionally, this lights-out ambiance allows for a more in-depth and intimate conversational experience with those at your table. Dine in the Dark is a truly remarkable way to try something new and enjoy dinner with a fun and exciting new twist!

Where Does Dine in the Dark Take Place?

If you’ve not been to The Shepherd & the Knucklehead of Hoboken, you’ll have a perfect excuse to sample this mouth-watering fare. Dine in the Dark will be featured on select dates, and pre-booking your table is essential. 

Address: 1313 Willow Ave, New York City

Guests who attend Dine in the Dark must be 21 or older to attend. Additionally, the dress code for this dining experience is suggested to be smart casual. There won’t be a menu selection from which to choose. You’ll instead be surprised with a predetermined Dine in the Dark menu. If you have meal preferences, including vegetarian selections, specific allergies, or those dining preferences based on religious beliefs, let the staff know when you make your reservations.

The What If’s 

If the sensory experience of Dine in the Dark becomes uncomfortable for you or your guests at any point, you can ask the waitstaff to be escorted elsewhere to finish your meal in a well-lit area. And should you need to excuse yourself at any time to use the restroom or for other reasons, your table attendant will help escort you out, as well.

Reserve your table and experience a dining event like none other! Ranging up to $85 per person, this blindfolded, pitch-black descent into the other four senses is an absolute treat!

Don’t just plan a night out for dinner. Instead, try something new and creative by booking your table to Dine in the Dark! And, as always, let EMRG Media be your guide to all things going on in New York City, along with insights about growing your event planning business and marketing!

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