Coffee Lovers Unite for New York Coffee Festival!

September 29, 2023 Desiree Homer

The New York Coffee Festival is back for its 7th year from October 6th through 8th. Over 12,000 coffee lovers and industry professionals gather in NYC for this unique and immersive coffee experience. All coffee lovers are welcome to check out this specialty coffee scene, from beginners to key industry stakeholders and everyone in between. Secure your tickets and navigate your way through this fun and exciting coffee-tasting experience! 

What’s Happening at the NYC Coffee Festival?

New York Coffee Festival’s aim is to bring the community together through the love of coffee. New York has a vibrant coffee scene, and the festival gives people a chance to not only sample hundreds of different coffees but also educate themselves through workshops, interactive demos, plus opportunities to meet the artisans and baristas. 

October 6th will be solely for industry professionals, including workshops, seminars, and product tastings to give the latest market insight into this ever-growing industry.

October 7th & 8th will open up to all consumers to enjoy all things coffee, food, cocktails, art exhibitions, and live music. 

Interactive education is highlighted through the many events happening at this festival. There’s something for every coffee lover.

  • Latte Art Live
  • Coffee Masters NYC
  • The Smirnoff Cocktail Masterclass
  • The Lab
  • Sensory Experience
  • Ansa Coffee Party
  • Giveaways & Competitions
  • The CEO Forum
  • Coffee Music Project
  • The Roasters Village
  • The Smirnoff Cocktail Bar
  • Project Waterfall
  • Street Food Market
  • Coffee Art Project
  • The Shop

New York Coffee Festival welcomes over 100 exhibitors who will be giving out samples, chatting with guests, and educating the public about their businesses. 

Venue & Ticketing Information

  • Metropolitan Pavilion
  • 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011, USA
  • October 6th - 8th, 2023

Check out their FAQ page for additional information.

Tickets are on sale NOW! There are multiple ticketing options, so you can find what’s best for you and your party. Please take note that these are the online prices; day-of prices will be a bit higher. It’s best to pre-purchase!

  • GROUP (Includes four standard tickets) $140.00
  • CHILD 10-16 (Children under ten enter free) $12.00

Grab your tickets and stop by the New York Coffee Festival to get yourself caffeinated and learn all about coffee! This festival only happens once a year, so you won’t want to miss out.

And remember, for all your New York City events, let EMRG Media’s team of event planning professionals take the reins and make it memorable!

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