Square Melon Communications

March 28, 2024 Mario Stewart

Elevate your company’s visual presence by hiring Square Melon Communications for all your graphic design needs. This award-winning boutique design studio specializes in creating print, packaging, interactive, and experiential event designs that will bring your company’s image to new heights. With over 40 years of combined experience, their professionalism and expertise will help to ensure you achieve your event and marketing goals. 

Square Melon Brings Spirit & Creativity to All Their Designs!

Any business-owner knows the importance of standing out among your competitors and creating high-quality designs to resonate with your target audience. This is where Square Melon comes in to consult, come up with concepts, and create designs to develop and enhance your visual identities.

Square Melon aims to have a strong understanding of their client’s goals, vision, and style so they can bring them the very best graphic designs to showcase what each company has to offer. To collaborate and get started, contact them today!

The pros at EMRG Media are here to help introduce you to potential vendors and assist in planning all your upcoming 2024 events. Let us guide you through your entire planning checklist!

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