See 'Picasso in Fontainebleau' at MoMA

February 5, 2024 Desiree Homer

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has a new and exciting exhibit for art enthusiasts to experience this season. “Picasso at Fontainebleau” will be showcased from now until February 17th. The exhibit is part of an ongoing celebration of Picasso, honoring his work as it has been 50 years since his passing. It joins The Met’s “Picasso: A Cubist Commission in Brooklyn” and will soon be joined by “Picasso and The Spanish Classics” at the Hispanic Museum. “Picasso at Fontainebleau” is only at MoMA for a limited time, and you won’t want to miss it!

About ‘Picasso at Fontainebleau’

In the summer of 1921, Picasso and his family rented a house about 40 miles outside of Paris. It’s been said that he spent most of his time in a garage working on two monumental, yet stylistically very different, paintings: Three Musicians and Three Women at the Spring. Viewers will be able to see how he was able to create two completely different styles of art during a very short period of time. Along with those paintings, the exhibit will include additional pieces Picasso worked on during his three months in Fontainebleau, plus photographs of the studio, his family, and archival documents will be highlighted.

Where: The Museum of Modern Art 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY

When: From now until February 17th, 2024.

Tickets: Tickets range in price from $15-$28. Visit their site to purchase.

If you’re looking for some fantastic art to see in New York City this season, head over to MoMA and see the “Picasso in Fontainebleau” showing for a limited time! And for all the best tips on upcoming NYC events, let EMRG Media help you with all your event planning in 2024!

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