Explore AI Event Planning with Reposite.io

February 1, 2024 Desiree Homer

Event planning just became a lot easier with Reposite! This company has created tools to streamline the planning process between planners and suppliers all in one platform to make coordination a breeze. Reposite will support whatever planning style you have while you boost your productivity, increase commission, and save valuable hours on sourcing. Check out this company for all your upcoming New York City events!

What Does Reposite Offer?

Reposite is truly an “all-in-one” workspace. They offer multiple tools to help coordinate between event planners and suppliers.

  • Create RFP’s
  • Run supplier searches
  • Create quotes for clients
  • Build proposals
  • Create a database to manage communications
  • Grow your network of vendors
  • Connect with local suppliers
  • Use their AI-generated proposal tool
  • Integrate supplier profiles
  • Compare supplier quotes all in one place
  • And MORE!

Book a DEMO today for additional information about what Reposite can do for you!

New York City event planners are going to want to check out Reposite for your next big event or party. They offer a slew of tools to make it easier every step of the way. And for your next corporate event, milestone party, or holiday bash, let the pros at EMRG Media help you elevate your planning process!

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