Museum of Broadway Opening

October 25, 2022 Desiree Homer

New York City is often celebrating the rich history of its local communities, iconic landmarks, and revolutionary arts. And you’ll find something new among the various museums and galleries in NYC. But there’s a new museum coming, and it has Broadway fans thrilled. The Museum of Broadway is opening its doors this month. Here are the latest details regarding the team, the artists, and the experience.

The Museum of Broadway Announcements

Check out the Museum of Broadway, the new interactive and “experiential” museum dedicated to celebrating the long, famous history and the behind-the-scenes of all things Broadway.

Tickets Are On Sale Now: 

Price: $39-$49 with group and student rates available

Where: 145 West 45th Street, New York

Hours: The Museum is open 7 days each week, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Visitors can purchase timed tickets for entry every 15 minutes. Flex ticket options are also available, allowing for more flexibility during your visit. 

About The Museum of Broadway

This museum endeavors to showcase all the groundbreaking moments in Broadway history, including those that challenged social constructs, those that pushed artistic boundaries, and those that were led by pioneers on stage who paved the way for artists ever since. This museum is a collaborative effort, joined by internationally recognized designers, historians, and artists. The result is an interactive experience that highlights all those historically relevant instances, introducing Broadway’s most important moments to the general public and enthusiasts.

What Guests Can Expect

Surprises and immersive experiences await! The Museum of Broadway offers a truly experiential way to tell the stories of Broadway that will delight visitors of all ages. Expect an educational experience, learning new details not heard before. Expect accessibility and vivid colors, a walk-through history, and a behind-the-scenes look at how Broadway shows come together. 

You should be on time based on your ticket. You’ll be allowed a 15-minute grace period, but if you aren’t sure about your arrival times, a Flex ticket is the better option. Most guests will spend roughly 60 minutes, while others will explore for two hours. 

New York is always welcoming new historical experiences, and now Broadway fans have a museum dedicated to the stage. Get your museum tickets now and schedule your visit!

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