Have You Experienced Ballsy Vodka Drinks?

December 3, 2023 Desiree Homer

Vodka seltzers burst onto the party scene a few years ago, and they have not stopped gaining popularity since. New York City event planners are always looking for new and local suppliers, and Ballsy Vodka Sparkle is the perfect seltzer to add to your next party. For your next NYC event, this company is the ideal company to team up with. They’ve described their product as being “the spirit of New York…in a can!” There’s no doubt your party-goers will love sipping on this refreshing and delicious cocktail!

Why Choose Ballsy Vodka Sparkle?

Even though hard seltzers hit the shelves back in the mid-90s, their rise to popularity has really taken off over the past few years. Trying to resonate with younger consumers, these companies leaned into wellness trends and created lower-calorie options coupled with fun and exciting flavors. They’re popular for a reason and are a great addition to your next party.

Ballsy Vodka Sparkle is a premier vodka seltzer that the company has described as “A beverage for the brilliantly brave. Shaking up the Tri-State area with style, soul, substance, and sass.” This seltzer also has hints of peach upfront, followed by fresh berries with a dry clean finish. It is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and kosher, with only 82 calories per serving. 

Be sure to check out Ballsy Vodka Sparkle for your next NYC event. Visit their site for additional information on where to purchase. And don’t forget to call the event planning pros at EMRG Media to help plan your next event!

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