Get Your Skate on at Rockefeller Center with Flipper's Boogie Palace

August 25, 2022 Mario Stewart

If you’re looking for New York events and things to do, you definitely should get your skate on at Rockefeller Center while it’s an iconic roller rink! Now through October, Flipper’s Boogie Palace has taken over. And now’s the time to lace up and see if you can still do all those trick moves!

The Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace Story

What began back in 1979-1981 has since been reborn. Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace is a family-friendly and family-owned roller rink. Founded by Ian “Flipper” Ross, the original rink was everything you’d expect from the era, including punk rock, disco, and outsiders. Back then, everyone could come together for some fun on wheels.

Fast-forward to 2022, the beyond legendary roller rink is back and open for fans at Rockefeller Center. Today, it’s still family-owned and family-friendly, chock-full of nostalgia, and a magnet for anyone who still loves taking those tight curves on wheels. Today, the rink celebrates an age-old activity that promotes happiness, mental wellness, and emotional connection. Flipper’s is still the place to go when you want to “let go, be present, and connect with yourself and others.” 

As Flipper’s says - Let’s Boogie!

Roller Boogie Nights

The roller rink itself will feel like early 80s California, complete with all the vibes and aesthetics. There will be DJ sets, concerts, and live performances to enjoy from now through October. And if there's anyone in your group who lost their roller skating edge, skating lessons will also be available. Some of the past performers included Will.I.Am and Odalys, Willy Soul, Big Bob, and Andre Collins.

Fun Fact: This year's roller skating rink transformation is the first time roller skates have graced Rockefeller Center since 1940, according to Time Out New York.

Check Out the Book

It’s taken a few years to compile, but true roller skate fans will certainly appreciate the book commemorating this fan-favorite pastime. In this book, you’ll find Ian “Flipper” Ross, along with celebrities, never-before-seen pics, and exclusive stories from the staff. And, of course, all the nostalgia and flamboyant style you’d expect.

Published by IDEA Books - Get Yours!

The Deets

Grab your pals and head over to Rockefeller Center for a few spins around the rink. Tickets start at $20, and you'll be able to rent your skates upon arrival. Lockers are available, as well, to secure your things while you cruise the rink. If you're not brave enough to lace up yourself, you can still chill rink-side to watch the others twirl and boogie.

Address: 600 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, NYC

Open Skate Times:

Monday - Wednesday | 10 AM -10 PM

Thursday - Friday | 10 AM - Midnight

Saturday | 8 AM - Midnight

Sunday | 8 AM -10 PM

Pop-Up Merch Shop

Don’t just get out for some roller skating fun; grab some iconic roller wear at the Flipper's Shop at the Rock. This pop-up shop is available with all the looks and feels to make your skating experience transcendent and memorable. 

Test your muscle memory and try your hand at roller skating in Rockefeller Center!

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