Find a Greenmarket Farmers Market Near You

January 20, 2024 Desiree Homer

New Yorkers love a good farmers market, and Greenmarket has you covered with over 50 locations in all five boroughs. Greenmarket brings fresh and local produce to the city in an easy and accessible way. Since its start in 1976, Greenmarket has been promoting and supporting local farmers by creating numerous open-air markets all over the city. You’re sure to find one close to your neighborhood. Whether you’re buying for yourself and your family, or you’re a wholesale buyer looking to purchase large quantities, or a farmer wanting to sell your products, Greenmarket is here to help!

Learn More About Greenmarket

Greenmarket has rigorous “grown-your-own” standards, and that means farmers sell directly to their customers. You will know exactly where the food you’re purchasing is coming from. This farmer's market offers a diverse array of fresh food from farmers and fishermen covering the entire northeast region. 

Their flagship location is in Union Square, plus over 50 additional locations covering the five boroughs.

For more information about locations, schedules, farmers, school tours, nutrition benefits, what’s in season, how to become a volunteer, and so much more, visit their site!

Support local farmers!

It’s never a bad time of year to grab yourself some local produce and support the hard-working people who feed growing cities. And for all the fun activities and things to do happening in NYC, trust the event planning team at EMRG Media!

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