Did You See Who Was Going to Be at the Event Planner Expo in 2022?

June 2, 2022 Mario Stewart

If you don’t get anything else checked off your to-do list today, at least head over and get your tickets for The Event Planner Expo 2022 & 10th Anniversary Celebration. It’s the number one event in New York City for event planners and anyone in the events, hospitality, and marketing industries. You’ll want to experience this incredible opportunity in person, with more than 2,500 attendees, 150+ exhibitor booths, two floors of event space, and decision-makers from all industry segments. 

But if you need another reason to come to The Event Planner Expo 2022, check out the Speaker Series and lineup of revolutionary thinkers and industry leaders prepared to take the stage. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. And you’ll be inspired both personally and professionally to do big things. 

More importantly, have you heard who is keynote speaking? You’ll not only want to attend yourself, but you’ll also want to invite your teams and colleagues to hear this group of titans share their stories.

Meet Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief for Entrepreneur Magazine

His “About Jason” portion of his website describes Jason Feifer as a “nonstop optimism machine.” And it couldn’t be more fitting for this accomplished podcaster, public speaker, and “champion of change.” We’re thrilled to announce that Jason Feifer will be taking the stage as a Keynote Speaker at The Event Planner Expo 2022.

The Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur magazine is also a widely sought-after advisor to startups and a successful book author. He shares his career journey, failures included, in a breathtaking and memorable way. His goal today is to provide inspiration to entrepreneurs, business owners, and company leaders in helping them become more resilient in the face of challenges and more adaptable in a world of inevitable change. 

If you’re looking for insights about how to identify and seize new opportunities in your event planning business, sign up for the Speaker Series, and don’t miss a single word Jason Feifer has to say! If you haven’t met or heard Jason Feifer speak, you’re in for a groundbreaking experience!

Meet Jesse Itzler, Serial Entrepreneur and Billionaire

You know Jesse Itzler because he’s the co-founder of Marquis Jet. You might even recognize him as a partner behind Zico Coconut Water or as the founder of The 100 Mile Group. What you may not know is that he’s coming to The Event Planner Expo 2022 & 10th Anniversary Celebration this October and is prepared to wow attendees and guests.

You won’t want to miss Keynote Speaker Jesse Itzler, especially if you’re interested in learning valuable insights about how to be successful in today’s business environment. He doesn’t just think “outside the box,” but according to his website, he doesn’t even have a box. Jesse Itzler is a highly successful entrepreneur who coaches others on everything there is to know about creating winning routines, developing winning habits, and living by a winning mindset.

He’s a former MTV rapper and also performed the Emmy Award-winning campaign for the NBA, “I Love This Game,” as well as the New York Nicks mantra, “Go NY Go.” He’s the owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, where he spends a lot of his free time. Success runs in his family, too, with his wife, Sara Blakely, who founded Spanx. 

Meet Sharon Lechter, Business Mentor, and Best-Selling Author

There isn’t a headline long enough to encompass all the revolutionary accomplishments of this next Keynote Speaker at The Event Planner Expo 2022. Sharon Lechter has some wildly impressive stats with over 1,000 keynotes delivered, 30 million books sold, and a global reach of over 100 nations. We couldn’t be more excited to have her in our Speaker Series lineup this year!

Sharon Lechter is also a successful entrepreneur and financial literacy expert. A few of her most acclaimed publications include “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Three Feet From Gold.” She was also appointed to the President’s Advisory Council and has experience advising two United States Presidents. If the leaders of the free world rely on what Sharon Lechter has to say, imagine what kind of groundbreaking revolutions you can uncover!

You can head over to her website to learn more about what incredible leadership insights Sharon Lechter can provide. And if you want to “be number one in your industry, live your legacy, and create a maximum impact,” you can hear Sharon at The Event Planner Expo 2022!

Meet Mel Robbins, the Most Sought-After Female Guest Speaker in the World

You read that right. Mel Robbins is coming to The Event Planner Expo 2022 and will be Keynote Speaking on October 12th. You might be wondering how we managed to get the most sought-after female guest speaker in the world to come, but with an audience of event planning professionals, C-level executives, corporate decision-makers, national brands, New York City’s finest venues, hospitality representatives, and marketing experts, it couldn’t be a more perfect fit for a Mel Robbins' audience.

Acclaimed in so many arenas, Mel Robbins is a Best-Selling author with “The 5 Second Rule.” She has four audiobooks on Audible right now and offers online courses that enroll half a million in enrollees. Her revolutionary, science-backed planner, “The 5 Second Journal,” sold out globally within a matter of minutes. She’s responsible for organizational transformation among well-known brands like Starbucks, Microsoft, and JP Morgan Chase. 

She is booked as a motivational speaker more than anyone else in the world and is also the CEO of a digital learning company responsible for advising Fortune 500 brands. Her latest endeavor is her nationally syndicated daytime talk show, The Mel Robbins Show, with Sony Pictures Television. Her TEDx Talk is currently one of the most popular of all time, with more than 25 million YouTube views and counting. 

Mel Robbins is a powerhouse speaker with insights people would pay thousands to hear. But attendees can soak up every drop of inspiration from Mel Robbins first-hand just by attending the Speakers Series at this year’s Expo. 

If you want to grow and immerse yourself in all the latest best practices for your New York event planning business, along with marketing, social media, branding, partnerships, and sales advice, get in on the Speaker Series! 

The Event Planner Expo 2022 & 10th Anniversary Celebration is taking place over three days, from October 11th through 13th, at The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Join us in celebrating ten incredible years, and get your tickets today!

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