Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square

November 21, 2022 Desiree Homer

New York City is known globally as the hub for festivals and celebrations. But one party might just be the biggest of them all. It’s coming up soon, too. We’re talking about the Ball Drop in the legendary Times Square for New Year’s Eve. And if you’re thinking about watching this iconic countdown, these are all the details to know, including the best venues and biggest parties.

Where the Ball Officially Drops

Visitors come from all over the world just to witness the dropping of the glorious Times Square Ball. This year, you’ll want to head to the biggest party in the heart of it all. If it’s your first time to NYC, you’ll want to head to Times Square, at 42nd Street. It’s located just south of the intersections of 7th Avenue and Broadway. The ball is on the roof itself of One Times Square.

Designated Entry Points to Watch the Ball Drop

So, for New Yorkers, there are unwritten rules about where to get the best views of the Ball Drop. For newcomers, just remember that the lower the street number, the closer you are to the Times Square festivities. There will be barricades all around the designated viewing area itself, with approved entry points to know. 

Here are the entry points to know so you can plan ahead:

  • 6th Ave – 38th, 49th, 52nd, 54th, 58th & 59th Streets
  • 7th Ave– 37th & 57th Streets
  • 8th Ave – 38th, 49th, 52nd, 55th, 58th & 59th Streets
  • Broadway – 37th & 57th Streets

If you’re not feeling the street view or the crowds, there are a host of incredible nearby venues with iconic views of the Ball Drop. Explore the hotels and clubs nearby to see if one of their New Year’s Eve parties is a better ambiance for you and your group.

When Should You Head Out?

Some of the best Ball Drop spots with a view fill up quickly and early in the evening. Meaning for some spectators, it’s standing in the street for hours without a tasty beverage or handy restroom. So, if you’re up for finding your spot early, you can head out as early in the morning as you’d like. However, for the rest of us, it’s best to know that facilitators usually close off the Ball Drop’s immediate area around 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM due to reaching capacity. Once you’re there, you can’t leave. And backpacking is not allowed either. So, be smart about what makes sense for you, knowing how long you might be hanging out, waiting for midnight to arrive.

EMRG Media is looking forward to welcoming the New Year. And who knows, you might find some of our team watching this year’s Ball Drop celebration in Times Square! 

Cheers to you! And remember, we’re ready to help you transform any event in 2023 into a spectacular engagement! Call us today!

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