Visit Long Island's Blooming Lavender Fields

June 17, 2024 Desiree Homer

Take a relaxing break from the city and head out to East Long Island to experience the lavender fields at Lavender by the Bay. The vivid purple hues and soothing fragrance of these stunning flowers will create a picturesque backdrop to a beautiful summer day. Blooming season is upon us, so grab the family for a fun-filled day at this 17-acre farm that’s home to over 80,000 lavender plants.

It’s Blooming Season at Lavender by the Bay!

June and July are the blooming season at Lavender by the Bay and the fields will be covered in rows of lavender plants that bloom in various shades of purple from pale lilac to a deep violet. It’s truly a sight to see! 

English lavender plants bloom in mid-June, and French lavender plants bloom in early July. Each bloom lasts about two to two and a half weeks. Mother nature has a lot of say on the exact time the plants will bloom, so these dates are approximate. Stay up to date on the Lavender by the Bay Instagram page for all the blooming info!

The fields are located at 7540 Main Rd. East Marion, NY and they are open daily from 10am to 5pm.

New York City has some fantastic summer events, but sometimes, it’s a nice escape to check out what’s happening on Long Island. Visiting the lavender fields should be at the top of your list! And for all your upcoming summer event planning, contact EMRG Media, and we’ll help you with all your planning details!

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