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August 23, 2023 Desiree Homer

Party planning in NYC is taken to the next level. If the New York event you’re planning needs single-use and sustainable tableware sets that include plates and cutlery, look no further. Pickytarian is an event services provider that offers beautiful and unique designs sure to catch your eye and delight your guests.

About the Pickytarian Team

Sustainability is the main priority for this family-owned business. To minimize waste, re-using is the best practice, but Pickytarian understands there will be events when single-use products are necessary. They have advanced these products by making them from bamboo and sugarcane pulp. They are plastic-free, non-toxic, and fully compostable in two to four months! And the tableware sets are stylish and sturdy, elevating any meal presentation.

These sets are perfect for any occasion that event planners have on their agendas. Whether it’s a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, wedding, or catering event, Pickytarian has you covered. This amazing company also gives back, as 5% of monthly sales are donated to fight hunger and homelessness.

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Text: (213)537-3994

Check out Pickytarian when planning your next event. And remember the EMRG Media team of professional planners is here to guide every planning step!

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