Meet Ink Factory

April 3, 2023 Jessica Stewart

When you bring Ink Factory to your presentation, stage talk, or corporate meeting, you eliminate all the yawning in an instant! This revolutionary engagement tool features top-notch artists who illustrate your conversation while you speak, drawing attention to all the important details and more. It’s how today’s meetings come to life with the brilliant use of illustration. And Ink Factory is fast becoming a highly sought-after service!

About Ink Factory

Turn all your presentation ideas into captivating, easy-to-consume visuals with Ink Factory artists! From virtual meetings online to mass conference settings with thousands in attendance, this form of visual support is changing the way today’s leaders engage their audiences.


Phone: 312-444-0610 


Address: 3638 W. Belmont Avenue, STE 1, Chicago, IL 60618

Connect with the Ink Factory team today and explore their past illustrations, globally renowned brand partners, a full roster of illustration services, and more! 

And for all your New York event planning needs, let EMRG Media handle all the details!

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