Matisse's The Red Studio Exhibition Is At MoMA Through September 10th

June 28, 2022 Erica Maurer

The Red Studio from Henri Matisse is a brilliant exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art that you are not going to want to miss. The exhibit is running through September 10th at MoMA on Floor 3, 3 East at the Robert B. Menschel Galleries. 

Henri Matisse was a French artist who worked with paints, sculpting, prints, and more. Matisse studied in Paris’s official Salons and was a colleague of Gustave Moreau. He was known for painting both interior and exteriors filled with vibrant colors, as well as more abstract paintings. 

Like many great artists, Matisse was certainly ahead of his time. It is refreshing to see this brilliant painter get the recognition he deserves through this wonderful exhibition. 

At The Red Studio exhibit, Matisse’s last known paintings, sculptures, and one ceramic have been brought together after decades of separation. There will also be detailed information and letters provided to inform the viewers of this innovative artist and his history. 

The Museum of Modern Art is open everyday 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM, except Saturdays, where it is open until 7:00 PM. Members and non-members can reserve their tickets through MoMa’s website. 

MoMa is a wonderful organization dedicated to art education and preservation. They are always breaking boundaries with their innovative art exhibits and installations. 

Take in a day of culture and art by reserving your tickets today. 

Feel free to watch a preview of Matisse’s The Red Studio before you see his exhibit. 

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