Cupa Cabana Espresso & Coffee Catering

April 2, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Whether you’re a veteran event planner or are looking to coordinate your very first New York event, you know how important coffee service is for the event experience. Corporate events and social celebrations alike all call for the availability of coffee. But you don’t have to go with the mundane, self-service coffee table. Instead, bring in Cupa Cabana - the original espresso and coffee catering company!

About Cupa Cabana

Cupa Cabana is a premium coffee and espresso catering service, delighting events and meetings throughout the NYC Metro area as well as in New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Delaware.

As an event partner, Cupa Cabana takes small and large-scale events to another level with brilliant coffee station layouts and talented baristas ready to bring artistic designs to your favorite blends. And they’ve been delivering top-notch coffee and espresso experiences now for 31 years, making them a preferred choice for event planning professionals.

Elevate Your Next NYC Event

Elevate whatever event you’re planning with the Cupa Cabana coffee and espresso catering team! It’s the upscale take on the traditional cup-of-joe experience to make your engagement stand out in a memorable way. And trust us; your guests will be posting their espresso designs all over social media, too! 

Let Cupa Cabana bring upscale elegance and brilliant blends to your next event! And let EMRG Media be your ultimate event planning guide and partner!

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