Check Out Flipper’s at The Rink!

March 25, 2024 Desiree Homer

Lace up your roller skates and take a trip back in time as the iconic Rockefeller Plaza ice rink transforms into an eclectic roller rink during the warmer months. The family-owned business, Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, revives the former Los Angeles-based institution and brings a nostalgic atmosphere to New Yorkers and tourists alike. Roller skating has a unique way of uniting people, no matter what your background might be, so get in on all the action this joyous event brings to the city! 

Flipper’s At The Rink Shows Appreciation to an Era Gone By

Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace was originally opened in 1979 in LA’s West Hollywood neighborhood by Ian “Flipper” Ross. Even though it only stayed open for three years, it left a lasting impact on the city and its community. The rink drew in crowds from all walks of life, including celebrities like Cher and Elton John. 

Ross’s daughter, Liberty Ross, had a vision of reviving her father’s visionary rink. So, in 2022, she reintroduced it to the world in New York and London. The past two years at Rockefeller Center have been a huge success, transforming the ice skating rink into a roller rink for the first time since 1940. 

‘Less Scroll, More Roll’ is Flipper’s Mission

Tens of thousands of skaters have experienced Flipper’s at The Rink since 2022. It has a diverse number of DJs bringing the best roller rink playlists, and The Rink has welcomed a number of celebrities such as Diplo, Tyga, Jordin Sparks, Leon Bridges, Swizz Beatz, and more! 

Flipper’s prides itself on being a safe space for everyone to enjoy. That was the original premise of the skating rink in LA and has carried over to a new generation of skaters here in NYC. Their schedule will be jam-packed with themed skate and dance parties, charity giveaways, family-friendly events for all ages, and a long list of local musical performers. There’s something for everyone!

Time To Lace Up Your Skates!

Flipper’s at The Rink is happening at Rockefeller Center 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY starting April 14th, 2024.

Grab your tickets ahead of time on their official site. Tickets are just $20 for adults and only $12 for kids ages 6-16. Roller skate rental fees are an additional $10.

Whether you’re a master on four wheels or a hug-the-wall kind of skater, Flipper’s will welcome you with open arms. Don’t miss this throwback NYC experience! And trust the pros at EMRG Media when planning your next event. We help you with all your upcoming 2024 plans!

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