Experience a Candlelight Concert in NYC

July 9, 2024 Desiree Homer

New York City is home to countless unique events happening every single day. It’s a culturally vibrant and diverse city with so many things to do. There’s truly something for everyone. Experience the enchanting and intimate atmosphere of a candlelight concert. Numerous venues throughout the city host these musical performances that combine a love of music with a serene ambiance that will undoubtedly create an unforgettable evening. The musicians perform tribute concerts, combine music from unexpected artists, and take on various genres to bring their audiences an experience that transcends the ordinary. Get your tickets today!

Candlelight Concerts in NYC

Candlelight concerts have become increasingly popular with their unique takes on classical symphony, movie soundtracks, contemporary tributes, and more! 

Here are some NYC venues to check out that host a number of candlelight concerts happening this summer:

Secure your tickets for one (or more) of these beautifully performed candlelight concerts happening right now in NYC. And for all your upcoming events, let the event planning pros at EMRG Media help you with all your party planning curation!

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