Cipirani Is The Perfect Venue For Your Next Great Event

July 21, 2022 Jonny Hoffman

Cipriani has five venues in the New York City area. Their elegant restaurants serve the best of Italian cuisine and they also have hotels and residences across the world. Their New York City locations are absolutely stunning, featuring breathtaking architecture and stellar services

Cipriani 25 Broadway is located in lower Manhattan and features 65-foot high ceilings and marble columns. Cipriani 42nd Street is another stellar location with architecture inspired by the Italian Renaissance. Cipriani South Street is located at the Battery Maritime Building that features multiple floors and a 9,000 square foot Great Hall. Their fourth venue is located in Wall Street, with Greek inspired architecture, monolithic columns, and 70-foot ceilings.

At the same time, Cirpiani has locations in Mexico City, Venice, Abu Dhabi, and Venice. They have been in business since 1931 and they have a long, rich history. It is a multi-service company including restaurants, hotels, products, and event spaces. They focus on several different events including corporate and social functions. Their delicious Italian food options will wow your guests and you will be blown away by their hardworking, dedicated staff. 

Cipriani also has a food e-store with a wide variety of foods including pasta, carnaroli rice, saucecs, olive oils, and more. 

This amazing company always delivers exceptional customer service and unmatchable food and products. If you are located in New York City, then you unquestionably want to consider booking Cipriani for your next event. Also make sure to check out one of their stellar restaurants. 

If you need help planning a great event then remember to contact the Private Events Department in New York City. Their dedicated staff will work with you to take your event to the next level. Contact them today.

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