Let the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Begin! What to Look for When Planning Yours

April 29, 2022 Desiree Homer

It’s that magical time when you are planning your child’s bar/bat mitzvah! If you have a bar/bat mitzvah to plan, you should start your efforts now. And to help you prioritize your event planning process, here are a few considerations to take into account to ensure your bar/bat mitzvah is the joyous and beautiful celebration it should be.

Put Most, If Not Every Ounce of Your Energy into Choosing a Venue

Every detail about planning your child’s bar/bat mitzvah is important. But none is perhaps more critical than the venue. Choosing the right backdrop and environment for your event is key. It’s best to put all of your energy into exploring New York City venues, vetting potential locations, and touring in person to feel what a space has to offer. 

You’ll also want to be mindful of other event planning details, like how many guests to accommodate, parking availability, and what amenities each can provide.

Menu and Food Selections 

No matter how incredible the bar/bat mitzvah experience is for your attending guests, if the food or menu selection is subpar, it could ruin the event aesthetics completely. When you’re planning a bar/bat mitzvah, take the time to consider the menu options. Ensure you’re offering a variety that appeals to everyone’s preferences. And take it a step further by taste-testing dishes and samples to make sure any menu you layout is delicious.

Music and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment

When planning a bar/bat mitzvah, you can not forget about the entertainment. After all, it’s a celebration! Look for ways to incorporate music, whether it’s a DJ or live band. And be mindful of an entertainment company’s wow factor. Choosing the wrong company without the personality or character you need to host an incredible experience could spell disaster. Again this is a huge celebration and music is one of the biggest components along with games.

Before Booking Anyone or Anything, Always Check Reviews

When planning an upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, you’ll need to evaluate a host of vendors. From venues and entertainment to production and menu selections, each representative you meet will try to sell you on their ability to create a great experience. But before you decide on anything or anyone, check the reviews online. See what Google and Yelp have to say to see what others have shared. First-hand experiences with these vendors will help you steer clear of subpar vendors. Also a great thing to do is to ask for a referral of someone that you have worked with in the past.

Hire a New York City Event Planner

There are so many mission-critical details that go into planning a  perfect bar/bat mitzvah that you might begin to feel overwhelmed. Instead of taking things on yourself, hire a New York City event planner! Choosing a partner like EMRG Media, with a team that specializes in planning extraordinary bar/bat mitzvahs, can take all the stress and guesswork out of event planning. Let a professional step in to help you carve out your perfect itinerary and celebration.

Consider these planning strategies as you begin your event planning journey. And give the EMRG Media Events & Marketing team a call to handle all the bar/bat mitzvah planning for you!

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