Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Are More Memorable Now Than Ever, Here's Why

May 2, 2022 Desiree Homer

Everyone is moving past the pandemic lockdowns and social distancing practices of the last two years. And for families, postponing and missing out on the incredible bar/bat mitzvah celebrations has been devastating. Because so many families lost out on hosting traditional events and get-togethers in recent years, they are now inspired to come back this year, prioritizing their bar/bat mitzvah planning for in-person celebrations. And these celebrations are to be nothing less than spectacular and more memorable than ever. 

Putting together a bar/bat mitzvah means so much more today. And you might be looking to plan a full-scale celebration for an upcoming bar/bat mitzvah to make it the most memorable ever. It’s more than just a party. It’s about bringing families back together again in a big way. So, every event planning detail is even more important and deserves more attention when creating that memorable experience.

Bar/Bar Mitzvahs Were Put on Hold

During the pandemic, family get-togethers were off the table. But it didn’t mean bar/bat mitzvahs weren’t happening. The New York Times shared a local story in 2020 of a young man who celebrated his milestone event virtually. Bar/bat mitzvahs, unlike other events or family celebrations, can’t be canceled. And much of what makes these experiences so memorable is gathering with family and friends. Unfortunately for many families, the pandemic robbed them of those ever-important, in-person experiences. 

A Return to Normalcy and Normal Celebrations

With much of the pandemic chaos in the rearview mirror, New York City is finding its way back to normal again. And for the Jewish communities, there is much to celebrate. March 18th marked the 100th anniversary of the very first bar/bat mitzvah ceremony in the US. And the prospect of getting back together for in-person celebrations is triggering many to start their bar/bat mitzvah planning right now.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Mean So Much More Today

Bar/bat mitzvahs aren’t just returning in full force to pre-pandemic levels – they’re even bigger than ever these days. Everyone feels more inspired to gather and celebrate. New York event planners are booming with requests for elaborate and large-scale bar/bat mitzvahs. Venues are boasting record numbers of calls for bookings. And it demonstrates that today’s bar/bat mitzvahs mean so much more to families in light of recent restrictions. Bar/bat mitzvahs are coming back in a big way in 2022.

Planning the Perfect Family Celebration

If your family has an upcoming bar/bat mitzvah to plan, you might also be eager to create the most memorable experience with family, friends, and guests. To make your bar/bat mitzvah the best it can be, consider hiring a New York event planner like EMRG Media who knows a thing or two about organizing and planning incredible experiences. Let a professional help you plan every detail and handle all the behind-the-scenes efforts needed to make yours the family get-together comeback celebration you need!

Bar/bat mitzvahs are booking up fast. And your family has every reason to celebrate this year. Contact the EMRG Media Events & Marketing team to help you plan yours and make it the most incredible celebration your family deserves!

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