Three Top Places to do your Team Building Events this Summer 2022

When it comes to running and managing a successful business, no one can do it on their own. It takes a team of individuals with assigned duties to create a seamless routine and schedule. Managing a team is no easy task. It takes a lot of delegation and communication to make sure that the day-to-day tasks are carried out. With that said, enhancing team-building techniques does not have to be a mundane task. If you are looking to throw a fun event for your employees, making it based around team building will kill two birds with one stone. Let’s look at the top three locations to have your team-building events this summer. 


Spyscape, located in New York City, will have your employees feeling like secret agents while learning effective team-building skills. The experience lasts 90-120 minutes, where your team will go on an audio-visual journey through a series of levels and challenges. Their perception, intellect, and agility will be put to the test as they enter each stage of the experience. The technology at Spyscape is state of the art, giving your team the chance to experience real spy gadgets. There are several event spaces to match your liking, and the fantastic team is ready to accommodate all of your event needs. Let your employees feel like secret agents as they work together to achieve their mission while having the time of their lives. 


Bowlmor will give your employees a one-of-a-kind bowling experience at their amazing New York City Location. The lanes are equipped with vibrant lights and TV screens that will wow your team. Enjoy their beautiful design filled with pristine, vintage lounges where your team can enjoy some delicious food and drinks. There is way more than bowling at this awesome location. They have a full arcade, bumper cars, shuffleboard, laser tag, and more. Bowling is a great sport that puts emphasis on coming together as a team for an epic win. The lively atmosphere of BowlMor puts it far ahead compared to the run-of-the-mill bowling alley. This amazing spot will have your team working together with their choice of fun activities. 


Ping pong is a fantastic sport that is easy to get the hang of. The founders of Spin took the sport of ping pong and turned it into a party experience. There are currently two locations in New York City, and they are ready to accommodate all of your event needs. A sport like ping pong will create competition, as well as teamwork, among your employees. They have an amazing staff, and their interior design is state of the art. They provide you with everything you need, including a fantastic kitchen to feed your team. A private room is available for your next event at this amazing ping pong social club. 

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