6 Inspirational Ideas for Conferences and Meetings

April 5, 2022 Susan Serena

When Event Planners in New York plan meetings, small gatherings or workshops for clients they do their best to keep it live. Here are some great concepts to incorporate into your next business event.

When Event Planners in New York plan business meetings, small gatherings or workshops for clients they do their best to keep it professional but exciting. Business functions are a necessity in terms of everyday work life. Plus, creating small business events as part of a larger business event can be fruitful when done correctly.

The key for Event Planners in New York is to keep the learning alive and to consider new and interesting ways to make sure you keep everybody focused and maintain the level of productivity and innovation you want.  

Here are some actionable ways for Event Planners in New York to boost learning retention and foster a love of development within your meetings and events.

Meeting & Conference Concepts for Event Planners in New York

1.Change Location

There’s a reason retreats and a change of scenery can boost morale and productivity. Moving your meetings to different locations can make you more innovative and creative as you become inspired by your new venue. Things like this Nordic experience can allow you to extend meetings over the course of several days and get the most out of your team without it feeling like work.

1.Collaborative Creativity

Event Planners in New York can encourage and build teamwork to improve long-term productivity and morale. This group painting idea is a fun way to help to unleash some joint creativity and collaborating together as well as creating a masterpiece that everyone can enjoy later. If your team are any good, you can hang it in the office.

2.Talking Stick

A talking stick is a great meeting design tool facilitator often use to ensure that everyone is given a voice on equal grounds. It’s also an excellent way to ensure that the quieter members of your team aren’t being ignored and get the opportunity to speak.


Food is essential at a meeting to fuel the brain. This is a cute, efficient option for Event Planners in New York to ensure that each attendee has something healthy, sweet and savory to see everyone through. It’s small details like this that can show employees you care and also avoid that switch off when tummies start to rumble.


It’s important for Event Planners in New York to offer their client’s employees a place to feel comfortable as it encourages creativity and often, finding a solution to problems can come when your mind is engaged elsewhere. So, creating meeting spaces like this escape room that are informal and feature a collaborative experience can promote better flowing thoughts and result in greater productivity. Honest! This informal space stops meetings turning into a chore.

5.Interactive Infographic Polling

If you’re looking to engage with attendees and understand exactly what they think, create something like this live infographic. Attendees take their own colored string and tie it at the start, they then connect to their opinions and preferences on the graph and at the end the thicker strings that group together show the consensus. While you could have obviously done this as an online survey, this is much more memorable and creates real-time findings that are more interesting and can be discussed there and then.


Meetings are essential, so Event Planners in New York need to make sure they utilize them to their full potential by using different and interesting ways to promote learning and retention. From seating and layout, to facilitators and stationery, these are excellent places to start to get attendees excited about meetings again!

Hiring a corporate event planner in New York that specializes in meetings and conferences will help free up your time as they work towards designing an engaging and informative event. Feel free to contact us to find the right event pro for your next event!

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